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Knihy Knihy 18 z přibližného počtu 8 souvisejících s titulem Motor Control Electronics Handbook    

God What's to Believe?

Richard Valentine - 2010 - 162 str.
Understanding the real questions that hold most un-believers back, Is exactly why this book was written,in great detail, this book draws an in depth picture of God and What's ...
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Electronic Drives

Robert S. Carrow - 1996 - 363 str.
From heat pumps to well pumps, electronic drives are used in a growing number of modern devices found both in the home and in industrial settings. This accessible, up-to-date ...
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Demystifying Switching Power Supplies

Raymond A. Mack - 2011 - 344 str.
This book is a crash course in the fundamental theory, concepts, and terminology of switching power supplies. It is designed to quickly prepare engineers to make key decisions ...
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Design with microprocessors for mechanical engineers

A. Kent Stiffler - 1992 - 594 str.
This text is written specifically for Mechanical Engineers. It is written around the Motorola 6802/6808 microprocessors and the 6805 microcontroller, among the most popular on ...
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Power Electronics Design Handbook: Low-Power Components and Applications

Nihal Kularatna - 1998 - 300 str.
Power Electronics Design Handbook covers the basics of power electronics theory and components while emphasizing modern low-power components and applications. Coverage includes ...
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Electronic power control

Irving M. Gottlieb - 1991 - 257 str.
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