Ceramics from the House of Amphora: 1890-1915

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Richard L. Scott, 2004 - Počet stran: 347
Here is the definitive account of the House of Amphora, the innovative ceramic artworks bearing that name in fact or by association, and the five workshops that produced them.
With access to the most extensive Amphora collections worldwide and recently unearthed archives and records from the Czech Republic, the authors - all three specialists in their fields - piece together a fascinating story of talent, ambition, family ties and innovation. They journey from Amphora's beginnings in the Turn-Teplitz region of what was once Bohemia, to foreign markets where their artworks garnered mass appeal and on to the world's largest art exhibitions of the late 19th and early 20th centuries.
Cognizant that all works of art reflect the times from which they emerge, the authors discuss the vital relationship between the ceramic workshops and the many movements - political, economic and artistic - that swept through Europe and the rest of the world at that time. Included are hundreds of specially commissioned photographs with detailed descriptions, chapters on collecting, care and conservation, and a lengthy study of marks, signatures and the Amphora numbering system.

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Social Political and Artistic Development
Turn and Teplitz Ceramics Center of Bohemia
Alfred Stellmacher Founder of The House of Amphora
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O autorovi (2004)

Jan Mergl has served as the director of the Glasmuseum in Passau, Germany, since 1991, and is also lecturer of art history at the West Bohemian University in Pizen.

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