Cultures of the World! Australia, New Zealand & Papua New Guinea - Culture for Kids - Children's Cultural Studies Books

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Professor Gusto, 6. 7. 2016 - Počet stran: 40
Let's travel to three countries in minutes! This wonderful educational resources takes the most interesting facts from Australia, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea. Through this book, your will see, read and understand the differences between their cultures and ours. It's an eye opener that will eventually lead to a healthy knowledge of the world. Grab a copy today!

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Professor Gusto books are perfect for the early education for kids. First our books help to teach kids the basic skills of speaking; this occurs when parents read and when the child listens they begin to capture the correct enunciation and pronunciation of words. They will then be intrigued to pick up a Professor Gusto book and begin to "read" by themselves, which is also an important step in developing their skills. As the infants grow into toddlers, they will have a better understanding of language and will often use and understand a large variety of words as Professor Gusto books expose them to a new world of fun-tastic, animals, stories and nuances. They pick up the early skill of learning how a book works page turning and reading from left to right and to move down the page as they read. Grab a copy of a Professor Gusto Book Today!

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