David Hume: The Philosopher as Historian

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Yale University Press, 27. 3. 2012 - Počet stran: 168

A giant of the eighteenth-century Enlightenment, David Hume was one of the most important philosophers ever to write in English. He was also a brilliant historian. In this book—a new and revised edition of his 1989 classic—Nicholas Phillipson shows how Hume freed history from religion and politics. As a philosopher, Hume sought a way of seeing the world and pursuing happiness independently of a belief in God. His groundbreaking approach applied the same outlook to Britain's history, showing how the past was shaped solely through human choices and actions.

In this analysis of Hume's life and works, from his university days in Edinburgh to the rapturous reception of his History of England, Nicholas Phillipson reveals the gradual process by which one of the greatest Western philosophers turned himself into one of the greatest historians of Britain. In doing so, he shows us how revolutionary Hume was, and why his ideas still matter today.


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1 Life and Letters
2 Politics Politeness and Men of Letters
3 Scepticism Science and the Natural History of Man
4 A Philosophers Agenda for a History of England
The Stuarts and the Origins of the Matchless Constitution
The Tudors and the Early History of England
7 Philosophy History and The History of England
Notes and Bibliography
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O autorovi (2012)

Nicholas Phillipson is Honorary Research Fellow in History at the University of Edinburgh, where he has taught since 1965. He is the author of Adam Smith: An Enlightened Life.

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