Introduction to Information Science

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Facet Publishing, 10. 6. 2015 - Počet stran: 384

This landmark textbook takes a whole subject approach to Information Science as a discipline. 

Introduced by leading international scholars and offering a global perspective on the discipline, this is designed to be the standard text for students worldwide. The authors' expert narrative guides you through each of the essential building blocks of information science offering a concise introduction and expertly chosen further reading and resources. 

Critical topics covered include: foundations: 

- concepts, theories and historical perspectives 

- organising and retrieving information 

- information behaviour, domain analysis and digital literacies 

- technologies, digital libraries and information management 

- information research methods and informetrics 

- changing contexts: information society, publishing, e-science and digital humanities 

- the future of the discipline. 

Readership: Students of information science, information and knowledge management, librarianship, archives and records management worldwide. Students of other information-related disciplines such as museum studies, publishing, and information systems and practitioners in all of these disciplines.


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CHAPTER 1 What is information science? Disciplines and professions
the story of documents
CHAPTER 3 Philosophies and paradigms of information science
CHAPTER 4 Basic concepts of information science
CHAPTER 5 Domain analysis
CHAPTER 6 Information organization
creation dissemination and retrieval
CHAPTER 8 Informetrics
changing contexts
CHAPTER 11 Information society
CHAPTER 12 Information management and policy
CHAPTER 13 Digital literacy
what and how?
CHAPTER 15 The future of the information sciences
Additional Resources

CHAPTER 9 Information behaviour

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O autorovi (2015)

David Bawden is Professor of Information Science at City University London, editor of Journal of Documentation, and a council member of Aslib. He is author of over 150 books, chapters, papers and published presentations. 

Lyn Robinson is Senior Lecturer in Information Science, and Director of the Postgraduate Information Studies Scheme, at City University London. She is author of numerous papers and published presentations, and has written two books, including Facet's Understanding Healthcare Information.

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