Knowledge Management and Organizational Learning: A Reader

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Laurence Prusak, Eric Matson
Oxford University Press, 2006 - Počet stran: 371
List of Contributors xii Introduction and Overview Eric Matson Laurence Prusak 1 The Strategic Importance of Knowledge and Learning Knowledge Management and the Knowledge-Based Economy Robert Grant 15 Developing a Knowledge Strategy Michael H. Zack 30 Knowledge Development and Individual Learning The Learning Curve Atul Gawande 53 Knowledge-in-the-Making: The 'Construction' of Fiat's Melfi Factory Gerardo Patriotta 70 Generating Creative Options Dorothy Leonard Walter Swap 94 Partnerships for Knowledge Creation Salvatore Parise Laurence Prusak 125 Knowledge Retention and Organizational Learning Swing Doors and Musical Chairs Arnold Kransdorff Russell Williams 139 Organizational Memory Linda Argote 148 Balancing Act: How to Capture Knowledge without Killing It John Seely Brown Paul Duguid 173 Knowledge Transfer and Dissemination Managing Knowledge the Chevron Way Kenneth T. Derr 183 Getting It Right the Second Time Gabriel Szulanski Sidney Winter 192 Making a Market inKnowledge Lowell L. Bryan 204 The Performance Variability Dilemma Eric Matson Laurence Prusak 215 Social Perspectives Knowledge Management's Social Dimension: Lessons from Nucor Steel Anil K. Gupta Vijay Govindarajan 229 Fair Process: Managing in the Knowledge Economy W. Chan Kim Renee Mauborgne 243 Communities of Practice: The Organizational Frontier Etienne C. Wenger William M. Snyder 259 Knowing What We Know: Supporting Knowledge Creation and Sharing in Social Networks Rob Cross Andrew Parker Laurence Prusak Stephen P. Borgatti 270 Future Directions Knowledge-Worker Productivity: The Biggest Challenge Peter F. Drucker 297 Just-in-Time Delivery Comes to Knowledge Management Thomas H. Davenport John Glaser 314 Seeing Knowledge Plain: How to Make Knowledge Visible Leigh Weiss Laurence Prusak 323 Do You Know Who Your Experts Are? Michael Idinopulos Lee Kempler 334 Using Supplier Networks to Learn Faster Jeffrey H. Dyer Nile W. Hatch 341 Index 355 ...

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O autorovi (2006)

Larry Prusak is a researcher and consultant and was the founder and Executive Director of the Institute for Knowledge Management (IKM). This was a global consortium of member organizations engaged in advancing the practice of knowledge management through action research. Larry has had extensive experience, within the U.S. and internationally, in helping organizations work with their information and knowledge resources. He has also consulted with many U.S. and overseas government agencies and international organizations (NGO's). He currently co-directs 'Working Knowledge', a knowledge research program at Babson College, where he is a Distinguished Scholar in Residence.

Larry's most recent book (co-authored with Tom Davenport) is What's the Big Idea?, published by Harvard Business School Press in Spring, 2003. He has also recently edited a volume with E. Lesser, Creating Value with Knowledge (Oxford University Press, 2003).
Eric Matson is a manager in McKinsey's Institute for Corporate Excellence, where he leads research efforts to better understand the drivers of enduring corporate performance. His currently focuses on profiling the world's leading companies to better understand how they excel in selected areas such as network management, knowledge management, and talent management.

Prior to joining McKinsey in 1999, Mr. Matson worked as a writer for Fast Company magazine and as a consultant for Monitor Company. His recent publications include 'The Performance Variability Dilemma' (Sloan Management Review, 2003), 'Strengthening Your Organization's Internal Knowledge Market' (Organizational Dynamics, 2003), 'Leveraging Group Knowledge for High Performance Decision Making' (Organizational Dynamics, 2002), and 'Managing the Knowledge Manager' (McKinsey Quarterly, 2001).

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