S Rajaratnam on Singapore: From Ideas to Reality

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Chong Guan Kwa
World Scientific, 1. 1. 2006 - Počet stran: 281
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This book, a compilation of key speeches and articles by the late Mr S Rajaratnam, is a tribute to one of the founding fathers of Singapore. As the country's first foreign minister, he was pivotal in conceptualizing and implementing its foreign policy. Present at the birth of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (Asean), he was also instrumental in ensuring a constructive role for Singapore in regional cooperation. A staunch supporter of a multicultural Singapore, Mr Rajaratnam envisioned the country as a cosmopolitan "global city." The volume is divided into four thematic sections: foreign policy, Asean regionalism, multiculturalism, and Singapore's history -- broadly encompassing Mr Rajaratnam's most important contributions to the making of modern Singapore. Also included are original research essays that reassess Mr Rajaratnam's contributions, written by senior staff of the new S Rajaratnam School of International Studies.

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