Show Trials: Stalinist Purges in Eastern Europe, 1948-1954

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Bloomsbury Academic, 17. 11. 1987 - Počet stran: 193
Pp. 83-91 discuss the Slansky trial (1952) and its antisemitic aspects, accompanied by the author's personal notes. Rudolf Slansky (1901-1952), a Jew and secretary-general of the Czechoslovak Communist Party, and fourteen leading party members (eleven of whom were Jews) were prosecuted for conspiring against the state. They were seen as Zionist activists and agents of imperialist Israel. The Jewish descent of the defendants was constantly stressed. Slansky and ten others were hanged in December 1952; the other three were sentenced to life imprisonment. The trial formed a direct link with the Doctors' Plot in the Soviet Union. Hodos himself, a Hungarian Jew, was tried in Hungary in 1954 and sentenced to eight years in prison. Includes information on similar trials in Poland, Romania, East Germany, and Bulgaria.

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The Rajk Trial
The Unleashed Terror in Prague
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O autorovi (1987)

GEORGE HERMAN HODOS is one of the few living survivors in the West of the Hungarian Rajk trials.

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