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iUniverse, 2007 - Počet stran: 437
After thirty years of silence, the world's most famous international hostage negotiator and best-selling author, Steve Pieczenik, has finally written a novel about a terrorist episode in which he was personally involved'the kidnapping and assassination of Prime Minister Carlo Tosi in 1978 by the Red Brigades. To this day, Pieczenik has refused to testify about the incident before the Italian Parliament and remains on the ?hit? list of several terrorist organizations. ? The year is 1978. The country is Italy. The incident is the kidnapping of PrimeMinister Carlo Tosi by the infamous terrorist group, Red Brigades.Richard Baker, Assistant Secretary of State for Crisis Management, is sent to Italy by Secretary of State Douglas Wheat to prevent the assassination of the prime minister and the destabilization of the country. While working with the Italian government for the release of Tosi, Baker uncovers a web of unexpected alliances and hidden agendas that lead him to question whether anyone really wants Tosi back'alive!

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