The impending crisis, 1848-1861

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HarperCollins Publishers, 1976 - Počet stran: 638
Examines the problems of slavery, expansion, and sectionalism between 1848 and 1861.

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This is a reread of one of my favorite books. This is an excellent narrative history of the political events leading up to the Civil War. I consider it the best book on how the Civil War started that ... Přečíst celou recenzi

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Everything you could possibly want to know about why there was an American Civil War. Gives me a whole different view of the war. Highly recommended. Přečíst celou recenzi


American Nationalism Achieves an Ominous
Fulfillment i
Portents of a Sectional Rift
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In 1968 Martin Duberman described David Potter as a man who "may be the greatest living historian of the United States. With the additional evidence of this collection of his essays [The South and the Sectional Conflict] I'm glad for the chance to say that in print, not least because Potter is little known outside the historical profession, in part because he has written only a few volumes . . . and in part because he has always shied away from self-advertisement" (N.Y.Times). A native southerner, Potter did his undergraduate studies at Emory University and took his Ph.D. at Yale University in 1940. He taught at a number of universities, including Yale from 1942 to 1961 and Stanford from 1961 until his death. He also lectured widely in this country and abroad and served as Harmsworth Professor at Oxford University and Commonwealth Fund Lecturer at London University.

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