We Own the Sky: A Novel

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Harlequin, 3. 4. 2018 - Počet stran: 384
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A triumphant story of a father and his little boy—and a love that knows no limits.

Rob Coates is a survivor.

He’d thought he’d won the lottery of life—a beautiful home, an incredible wife Anna, and their precious son Jack, who makes every day an extraordinary adventure. But when tragedy befalls his family, Rob becomes his own worst enemy, pushing away all he holds dear. With his world now suddenly just outside of his grasp, Rob turns to photography, capturing the beautiful skyscrapers and clifftops he used to visit—memories of the time when his family was happy. And just when it feels as though there’s nowhere left to turn, Rob embarks on the most unforgettable of journeys to reclaim the joy and love he thought he’d lost.

Deeply emotional, beautifully written, and filled with tremendous heart, We Own the Sky is a soaring debut about the strength of the human spirit and the boundlessness of love. It is a stunningly honest reminder of life’s greatest gifts, showing how even a broken heart can learn to beat again.

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4.5 stars. We Own the Sky by Luke Allnut is a poignant novel about a family's devastating health diagnosis. Rob and Anna Coates are happily married with a delightful young son, Jack. Rob is a computer ... Přečíst celou recenzi

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What started out as a confusing yet curious story, turned into something so much more. Here we have two people coming together and creating a life, both for themselves and a combination of themselves ... Přečíst celou recenzi

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O autorovi (2018)

Born in the U.K, Luke Allnutt is a writer and journalist based in the Czech Republic. He is married and has two young boys.

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