Toby Potts in the Temple of Gloom and Other Adventures of Our Intrepid Hero

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Stag Publications, 2006 - Počet stran: 301
Toby Potts, fresh from Bar School, and clutching his graduation diploma, is a young, aspiring barrister, full of hopes and dreams and intent on becoming the leading criminal advocate of his time. He can hardly wait to get on his feet and impress the jury with his incisive cross-examination, his mastery of all things legal, and his spellbinding final speeches. Sadly, reality kicks in, and Toby finds the path to fame and fortune far from smooth and uneventful. His trials and tribulations take Toby from his Call to the Bar, his experiences in pupillage, his first brief when he represents the wrong client, through to his great moment of triumph when he represents Santa Claus at the Old Bailey, and many adventures in between. Chambers politics, strange clients, solicitors who come and go on a whim, and even stranger and eccentric judges, all have their part to play in Toby's climb up the greasy pole. Moments of courtroom drama, and many more moments of high fiasco, mark Toby's initiation into the heady world of the Criminal Bar. So much to learn, so little time. Will Toby succeed where so many have failed? He has the determination, he has the self-belief, but does he have what it takes to reach the pinnacle of the profession? Only time will tell. One thing is certain - never a dull moment! Why be ordinary, Toby was once told, if you have it in you to be extraordinary? Reviews "Toby is a marvellous character and had me laughing out loud" "Here we have all the hallmarks of a great British comedy, but with a fresh approach" "Very good, intelligent writing - lighthearted and funny" "Osborne is a very amusing writer with a light touch"

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