Laboratory Experimentation in Economics: Six Points of View

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Alvin E. Roth
Cambridge University Press, 17. 11. 2005 - Počet stran: 232
Testing economic propositions in laboratory experiments has proven a very fruitful research endeavor in recent years. This volume brings together the major contributors to experimental economics. The papers present their views on the way experiments should be done, on the power and limitations of the techniques, and on the areas in which experimentation could contribute substantially to our understanding of economic behavior. This book distills the main lessons from great experience in experimental work. It will be essential reading for all who wish to follow experimental work or who wish to do such work themselves.

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1 Introduction and overview
2 Bargaining phenomena and bargaining theory
3 Equity and coalition bargaining in experimental threeperson games
4 The psychology of choice and the assumptions of economics
5 Hypothetical valuations and preference reversals in the context of asset trading
what have we learned and what can we hope to learn?
some policy applications of experimental methods
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