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Monthly Journal of
Homoeopathic medicine



Die Milde Macht Ist Gross

Volume XLI

The Medical Gazette Publishing Company



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Adams, George S., M.D. The New Kraeplin Classification in Diag-

nosing and Treating the Insane.

Aims and Claims of the Mass. llomæopathic Hospital. An Open

Letter. By Walter Wesselhoeft, M.D. .

Batchelder, Frederick P., M.D. Surgical Anesthesia. Observations

on its Production and Hints to Prevent Unfavorable After-Effects
Batchelder, Frederick P., M.D. An Atypical Case of Gastric Ulcer.
Bell, James B., M.D. Presidential Address . . . . . . .
Bell, James B., M.D. Cancer of the Pancreas : A Case . . . .
Belladonna : A Practical Study. By P. W. Shedd, M.D.
Bellows, Howard P., M.D. A Study of the Action of Belladonna

Upon the Right and Left Sides of the Body, as Developed in the

Test Drug-proving of the 0. 0. & L. Society .

Bellows, Howard P., M.D. Drug Testing and Drug Proving . .

Birchmore, Woodbridge Hall, M.D. A Plea for Hypodermic Medi-

cation .

Blackwood, A. L., M.D. Our Materia Medica.
Bouton, W. K., M.D. Homeopathy in Australia . . . . . .
Briggs, J. Emmons, M.D. Surgery of the Pancreas
Briggs, J. Emmons, M.D. A Method of Controlling the Bleeding

after Suprapubic Prostatectomy . . . .
Brown, D. Dyce, M.D. The Progress of Homøopathy in the United

Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland since the year 1900 ,
Burford, George, M.D. On Saline Infusion in Gynecological and

Obstetric Practice .

Butler, David Presbury, M.D. The Treatment of Advanced Pul-

monary Tuberculosis.

Cabot, Richard C., M.D. How Far Do Homeopathic and other

Physicians Agree, and How Far Can They Agree? . . . .
Calderwood, S. H., M.D. Presidential Address
Cancer, The Treatment of by a Bacterial Vaccine. By Edwin A.

Neatby, M.D.. .
Capen, Elwyn W., M.D. Diet in Intestinal Diseases. . . .
Cardiac Ions. Bý P. W. Shedd, M.D. .
Carmichael, T. H., M.D. An International Homeopathic Pharma-

copeia . . .
Case of Adenocarcinoma at the Fundus Uteri with Pertinent Re-

marks, A. By H. A. Whitmarsh, A.M., M.D. . . . .

Cases of Eclampsia. By George H. Earl, M.D.

Clarke, John Henry, M.D. A Note on the Essentials of an Homeo-

pathic Materia Medica . .
Cleft Palate Operations, Some Experiences in. By George B. Rice,
Clinical Diagnosis of Pancreatitis and Malignant Diseases of the

Pancreas. By John Preston Sutherland, M.D.
Consideration of Modalities in Prescribing Homøopathic Remedies,

The. By W. A. Dewey, M.D.

Copeland, Elmer H., A.M., M.D. Intestinal Irrigation in Diarrhæic

Conditions. . .

Copeland, Royal S., A.M., M.D. Homæopathy and Posology . .

Convulsions in Children. By J. Herbert Moore, M.D.

Dewey, W.A., M.D. The Consideration of Modalities in Prescribing

Homeopathic Remedies . . . . . . . . . . .






230, 294





nosis of Tuberculosis of the Lungs.

Diet in Intestinal Diseases. By Elwyn W. Capen. .

Drug Testing and Drug Proving. By H. P. Bellows, M.D. . ..

Duffield, A.M., M.D. The Gulf Coast and Tuberculosis . . . .

Dynamic Power of Drugs, The. By Dr. Walter Wesselhoeft . .

Earl, George H., M.D. Cases of Eclampsia

Earl, George H., M.D. Regeneration in Tuberculosis of Bone. A

Case . . . .

Early Diagnosis of Chronic Pulmonary Tuberculosis by Orthodia-

graphy, On the. By Dr. Leon Vannier

Emerson, N. W., M.D. "First Report, Medical and Surgical, of the

Emerson Hospital .

Emerson, N. W., M.D. Some Interesting Kidney Cases . ..
Emerson Hospital, First Report, Medical and Surgical, of the. By

Nathaniel W. Emerson, M.D.

Epilepsy. By Frank C. Richardson, M.D. . .

Essential Modification of Prince's Advancement Operation for Stra-

bismus, An. By John H. Payne, M.D. . .

Functional Neuroses. By Frank C. Richardson, M.D. . . . .

Gastric Ulcer, An Atypical Case. By Frederick P. Batchelder, M.D).
General Practitioner's Discussion of Metabolism and High Fre-

quency Electricity, A. By John P. Sutherland, M.D. . . .
The Gulf Coast and Tuberculosis. By A. M. Duffield, M.D. . . .
Grahamn, Douglas, M.D. Osteopathy . ..
Halsey, Frederick W., M.D. The Necessity of Accurate Work in
Hallock, J. Henry, M.D. The Influence of Climatie Conditions upon
Hobson, Sarah M., m.. What Chicago is Doing in the Tuberculosis

Crusade . . .
Hay Fever, The Influence of Climatic Conditions upon. By J. Henry

Hallock, M.D.
Hay Fever, Some Observations on the Cause and Treatment of. By

Irving Townsend, M.D.

Hay Fever, Hints for Medical Treatment of. By William K..

Knowles, M.D. .

Homøopathic Prescribing in Diarrhæic Conditions. By Grace
Stevens, M.D. . .

win , ·


· · · · ·
Discussion of same. By Dr. Frank W. Patch
Holt, W. L., M.D. The Propylaxis of Venereal Diseases
Home Treatment of Pulmonary Consumption, The. By J. P. Rand,

Homeopathy in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland

Since the Year 1900, The Progress of. By D. Dyce Brown, M.A.,

M.D. . . . . .

Homeopathy in Australia. By W. K. Bouton, M.D. . . . .

Homeopathy in Mexico. By Frances McMillan, M.D.

Homoeopathy in France, The Status of. By C. Leon Simon, M.D. .

Homeopathy and Posology: By Royal S. Copeland, A.M., M.D.,

Ann Arbor, Mich. .

: ·

· ·

Homøopathy, What Is ? By Chas. S. Mack, M.D.
Homeopathic Remedies in the Therapeutics of Obstetrics. By

Sarah S. Windsor, M.D..

Hypodermic Medication, A Plea for. By Woodbridge Hall Birch-

more, M.D. .

How Far Do Homoeopathic and Other Physicians Agree and How

Far Can They Agree? By Richard C. Cabot, M.Ď.

Impressions of Medicine in the London Hospitals. By J. Herbert

Moore, M.D.

Incontinence of Urine in the female, An Appliance for the Relief of.

By Horace Packard, M.D.

Is Homeopathy a Part of Rational Medicine ? By Charles S. Mack,

M.D. . .

International Homoeopathic Pharmacopeia, Án.' By T. H. Car-

michael, M.D. . .









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