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So the bill was laid on the table.

Mr. Wood moved that the vote last taken be reconsidered, and also moved that the motion to reconsider be laid on the table.

Pending the question on the latter motion,

Mr. Ingersoll moved, at 4 o'clock and 20 minutes p. m., that the House adjourn; And the question being put,

(Yeas ......................... It was decided in the negative, Nays .....

(Not voting ....... The yeas and nays being desired by one-fifth of the members present, Those who voted in the affirmative are

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Mr. James B. Beck

Mr. Asa P. Grover Henry P. H. Bromwell Charles Haight James Brooks

Thomas Haughey Albert G. Burr

Isaac R. Hawkins Samuel F. Cary

William S. Holman John W. Chanler

Julius Hotchkiss W. P. Edwards

James M. Humphrey Charles A. Eldridge Ebon C. Ingersoll John Fox

Thomas L. Jones J. S. Golladay

Mr. J. Proctor Knott

William Lawrence
Samuel S. Marshall
James R. McCormick
William Mungen
J. P. Newsham
William E. Niblack
John A. Nicholson
Benjamin W. Norris

Mr. Daniel Polsley

Logan H. Roots
Stephen Taber
John Taffe
Nelson Tift
Philadelph Van Trump
Thomas Williams
Fernando Wood
George W. Woodward.

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Those not voting are

dr. George M. Adams

Stevenson Archer
Samuel M. Arnell
James M. Ashley
Samuel B. Axtell
Alexander H. Bailey
John D. Baldwin
Demas Barnes
William H. Barnum
W. Jasper Blackburn
James G. Blaine
Austin Blair
Thomas Boles
C. C. Bowen
Nathaniel Boyden
Benjamin F. Butler
John B. Callis
Reader W. Clarke
Sidney Clarke .
Burton C. Cook
Simeon Corley
John Covode
Henry L. Dawes

Mr. Columbus Delano Mr. William S. Lincoln Mr. William H. Robertson
Oliver J. Dickey
Benjamin F. Loan

William E. Robinson
Nathan F. Dixon
John A. Logan

Robert C. Schenck
Grenville M. Dodge William Lougbridge John P. C. Shanks
Ignatius Donnelly
John Lynch

Charles Sitgreaves
John F. Driggs
Rufus Mallory

William B. Stokes
Benjamin Eggleston Hiram McCullough

Frederick Stone
Thomas D. Eliot
Samuel McKee

J. H. Sypher
James T. Elliott
Ulysses Mercur

Caleb N. Taylor
John F. Farnsworth
James K. Moorhead

John Trimble
William C. Fields
John Morrissey

Lawrence S. Trimble
John R. French
James Mullins

Henry Van Aernam
Adam J. Glossbrenner Leonard Myers

Daniel M. Van Auken James H. Goss

Carman A. Newcomb Charles H. Van Wyck
Charles M. Hamilton Charles O'Neill

Michael Vidal
Abner C. Harding
Godlove S. Orth

Ellihu B. Washburne
Samuel Hooper
Frederick A. Pike

Henry D. Washburn
Richard D. Hubbard Tobias A. Plants

B. F. Whittemore
Calvin T. Hulburd

Theodore M. Pomeroy William Williams
Francis W. Kellogg
C. H. Prince

James F. Wilson
Michael C. Kerr
John V. L. Pruyn

Stephen F. Wilson
Israel G. Lagh
Samuel J. Randall

William Windom.

So the House refused to adjourn.

The hour of 41 o'clock p. m. having arrived, the House took a recess until 71 o'clock p. m.

After the recess,

The House, in pursuance of the previous order, resolved itself into the Committee of the Whole House on the state of the Union; and after some time spent therein the Speaker resumed the chair, and Mr. Ferry reported that the committee having had under consideration the special order, viz: H. R. 1803. A bill making appropriations for the support of the army for the year ending June 30, 1870, had come to no resolution thereon.

Mr. Stephen F. Wilson, from the Committee on Enrolled Bills, reported that the committee had examined and found truly enrolled a bill of the following title, viz:

S. 667. An act to enable the Holly, Wayne and Monroe Railway Company, in the State of Michigan, to have the subscription to its capital stock duly stamped; When The Speaker signed the same. And then, On motion of Mr. Ferry, at 9 o'clock and 55 minutes p. m., the House adjourned.

THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 18, 1869. The following memorial, petitions, and other papers, were laid upon the Clerk's table, under the rules, and referred as follows:

By Mr. Ward : The petition and papers of Guy H. McMaster, relative to the Davenport Institution for Female Orphan Children, to the Committee of Ways and Means.

By Mr. Van Wyck: Resolutions of the New York legislature, praying Congress to grant pensions to all surviving soldiers of the war of 1812, to the Committee on Revolutionary Pensions ,

By Mr. Ketcham: Another copy of the same resolutions, to the same committee.

By Mr. O'Neill: Preamble and resolutions of the Board of Trade of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, relative to tonnage duties on American shipping in Spanish ports, to the Committee on Commerce ;

Also, a resolution of the same, recommending the passage of Senate bills prohibiting secret sales or purchase of gold or bonds on account of the United States, to the Committee on Commerce;

Also, the petition of the board of managers of the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, praying for a copyright law for the authors of paintings, drawings, statuary, &c., to the Committee on the Library.

By Mr. Julian: The memorial of the Workingmen's Institute, of Boston, Massachusetts, praying that no more lands may be granted to railroad corporations, to the Committee on the Public Lands.

By Mr. Thomas: The petition of G. R. Head, praying for relief from political disability, to the Committee on Reconstruction.

A message from the Senate, by Mr. Gorham, their Secretary : Mr. Speaker : The Senate have passed a bill of the House of the following title, viz:

H. R. 1746. An act for the removal of certain disabilities from the persons therein named: with an amendment, in which I am directed to ask the concurrence of the House.

The Senate have receded from their amendments to the joint resolution of the House (H. Res. 402) proposing an amendment to the Consti. tution of the United States, and have resolved that the said resolution do not pass, two-thirds of the senators not voting in the affirmative.

The Senate have passed a joint resolution of the following title, viz:

S. R. 8. Joint resolution proposing an amendment of the Constitution of the United States; in which I am directed to ask the concurrence of the House.

The Senate request the return of the bill of the House (H. R. 603) granting pensions to certain soldiers and sailors of the war of 1812.

By unanimous consent, it was ordered that the said bill (H. R. 603) be returned to the Senate.

On motion of Mr. Poland, by unanimous consent, the bill of the Senate (S. 935) to provide for a term of the circuit and district courts of the United States for the district of Vermont was taken from the Speaker's table, read three times, and passed.

Mr. Poland moved that the vote last taken be reconsidered, and also moved that the motion to reconsider be laid on the table; which latter motion was agreed to.

Ordered, That the Clerk acquaint the Senate with the passage of the said bill.

Mr. Kerr submitted the views of a minority of the Committee of Elections in the Louisiana contested election case; which were ordered to be printed.

Mr. Shellabarger, from the Committee of Elections, submitted a report in writing in the case of Thomas A. Hamilton, claimant of a seat as a representative from Tennessee, accompanied by the following resolution, viz:

Resolved, That Thomas A. Hamilton is not entitled to a seat as a representative from the State of Tennessee.

Pending which, Mr. Heaton, by unanimous consent, submitted the views of a minority of the said committee.

Ordered, That the said report, views, and resolutions be laid on the table and printed.

A message in writing was received from the President of the United States, by Mr. Moore, his private secretary, which was handed in at the Speaker's table.

Mr. Holman, from the Committee on Enrolled Bills, reported that the committee had examined and found truly enrolled a joint resolution and bills of the following titles, viz:

H. Res. 459. Joint resolution authorizing the Secretary of War to allow to the New York and Oswego Midland Railroad Company right of way across a portion of the public grounds at Fort Ontario, Oswego, New York, for railroad purposes;

H. R. 1749. An act granting a pension to Daniel Houser, a citizen of North Carolina, and a soldier of the war of 1812 ;

H. R. 1745. An act for the relief of the estate of Isaac Philips, deceased, who was a private in the revolutionary war;

The Speaker signed the same.

Mr. Holman, from the same committee, reported that the committee did this day present to the President of the United States a joint resolution and bills of the following titles, viz:

H. Res. 452. Joint resolution for the relief of Leonard Pierce, junior, late United States consul at Matamoras, Mexico;

H. R. 1974. An act to prevent loaning money upon United States notes ;

H. R. 1456. An act to authorize the importation of machinery for repair only free of duty;

H. R. 264. An act to locate and establish an assay office in the Territory of Idaho.

By unanimous consent, leave of absence for five days was granted to Mr. McCarthy.

The Speaker having announced as the business first in order the motion submitted by Mr. Wood, and pending when the recess occurred yesterday, to lay upon the table the motion to reconsider the vote by which the bill of the Senate (S. 440) supplementary to an act entitled " An act to provide a national currency secured by a pledge of United States bonds, and to provide for the circulation and redemption thereof," approved June 3, 1864, was laid on the table,

The said motion was disagreed to.
The question then recurring on the motion to reconsider,
It was put and agreed to.
The question then recurring on the motion to lay the bill on the table,
It was put, and decided in the negative;

Mr. Pomeroy moved that the bill be recommitted to the Committee on Banking and Currency, with instructions to report the same forthwith with the 1st, 2d, and 3d sections as amended by the House as a substitute therefor.

Pending which,

Mr. Pomeroy moved the previous question, and the House refused to second the same.

Mr. Coburn moved to amend the said instructions. Pending which, Mr. Samuel IIooper submitted an amendment to the said amendment. Pending which, Mr. Hooper moved the previous question, and the House refused to second the same.

Mr. Pomeroy moved the previous question on the said amendment and the amendment to the amendment, which was seconded and the main question ordered to be put.

The amendment to the amendment, submitted by Mr. Hooper, having been read as follows, viz:

Strike out the second section of the proposed instructions.

The question was put, Will the House agree thereto?

(Yeas ........

...... 15 It was decided in the negative, Nays ............

...... 147 (Not voting.....

...... 60 The yeas and nays being desired by one-fifth of the members present,

Those who voted in the affirmative areMr. William B. Allison Mr. Henry L. Cake

Samuel F. Cary

Mr. Ignatius Donnelly Mr. Samuel Hooper Stevenson Archer

John Fox

Julius Hotehkiss Nathaniel P. Banks Reader W. Clarke

Samuel F. Gove

Godlove S. Orth.
Benjamin F. Butler Sidney Clarke

George A. Halsey
Those who voted in the negative are-
Mr. Oakes Ames

Mr. James T. Elliott Mr. George V. Lawrence Mr. Philetus Sawyer
George W. Anderson John F. Farnsworth William Lawrence

Robert C. Schenck Delos R. Ashley Orange Ferriss Benjamin F. Loan

Glenni W. Seofield Samuel B. Axtell Thomas W. Ferry John A. Logan

John P. C. Shanks Jehu Baker William C. Fields

William Loughridge Samuel Shellabarger John Beatty John R. French John Lynch

Worthington C. Smith James B. Beck James A. Garfield Rufus Mallory

Rufus P. Spalding John F. Benjamin J. S. Golladay Samuel S. Marshall

H. H. Starkweather John A. Bingham Joseph J. Gravely James M. Marvin

Aaron F. Stevens Austin Blair John A. Griswold Dennis McCarthy

Thomas E. Stewart George S. Boutwell Charles Haight

James R. McCormick William B. Stokes
C.C. Bowen
Charles M. Hamilton Samuel McKee

John H. Stover
Nathaniel Boyden
Thomas Haughey
George F. Miller

Stephen Taber
Benjamin M. Boyer
Isaac R, Hawking
William Moore

John Taffe
Henry P. H. Bromwell David Heaton

James K. Moorhead Caleb N. Taylor
John M. Broomall
William Higby
William Mungen

John Trimble
Ralph P. Buckland
William S. Holman Leonard Myers

Row'd E. Trowbridge
Charles W. Buckley Benjamin F. Hopkins Carman A. Newcomb Ginery Twichell
Albert G. Barr
Asahel W. Hubbard
J. P. Newslam

Charles Upson Roderick R. Butler

Chester D. Hubbard William E. Niblack Henry Van Aernam
John B. Callis
Calvin T. Hulburd

Benjamin W. Norris Burt Van Horn
John W. Chanler
Morton C. Hunter
David A. Nunn

Robert T. Van Horu
John C. Churchill
Thomas A. Jenckes Charles O'Neill

Philadelph Van Trump Amasa Cobb James A. Johnson Halbert E. Paine

Charles H. Van Wyck
John Coburn
Alexander H. Jones Sidney Perham

Hamilton Ward
Simeon Corley
Norman B. Judd
Charles W. Pierce

Henry D. Washburn
John Covode
George W. Julian
William A. Pile

William B. Washburn
Shelby M. Cullom
William D. Kelley
Tobias A. Plants

Martin Welker
Henry L. Dawes
Francis W. Kellogg
Luke P. Poland

B. F. Whittemore
John T. Deweese
William H. Kelsey
Daniel Polsley

William Williams Oliver H. Dockery Michael C. Kerr

Theodore M. Pomeroy James F. Wilson Grenville M. Dodge John H. Ketcham

Hiram Price

John T. Wilson
Ephraim R. Eckley
Bethuel M. Kitchen
C. H. Prince

William Windom
Benjamin Eggleston
J. Proctor Knott
Samuel J. Randall

Fred'k E. Woodbridge • Jacob H. Ela William H. Koontz

William H. Robertson George W. Woodward Charles A. Eldridge Addison H. Laflin

Logan H. Roots

P. M. B. Young,
Thomas D. Eliot
Israel G. Lash

Lewis W. Ross

Those not voting are-
Mr. George M. Adams Mr. Thomas Cornell Mr. Thomas L. Jones
Samuel M. Arnell
Columbus Delano

William S. Lincoln
James M. Ashley
Oliver J. Dickey

Horace Maynard
Alexander H. Bailey Nathan F. Dixon

Hiram McCullough
John D. Baldwin
John F. Driggs

Ulysses Mercur
Demas Barnes
W.P. Edwards

Daniel J. Morrell
William H. Barnum J. Lawrence Getz

John Morrissey
Fernando C. Beaman Adam J. Glossbrenner James Mullins
Jacob Benton
James H. Goss

John A. Nicholson
W. Jasper Blackburn Asa P. Grover

John A. Peters
James G. Blaine
Abner C. Harding

S. Newton Pettis
Thomas Boles
John Hill

Charles E. Phelps
James Brooks

Richard D. Hubbard Frederick A. Pike
J. W. Clift

James M. Humphrey John V. L. Pruyn
Burton C. Cook
Ebon C. Ingersoll

Green B, Raum

Mr. William E. Robinson

Lewis Selye
Charles Sitgreaves
Frederick Stone
J. H. Sypher
Francis Thomas
Nelson Tift
Lawrence S. Trimble
Daniel M. Van Auken
Michael Vidal
Cadwal'r C. Washburn
Ellihu B. Washburne
Thomas Williams
Stephen F. Wilson
Fernando Wood.

So the said amendment to the amendment was disagreed to.

The amendment submitted by Mr. Coburn was then read as follows, viz:

Add to the said amendment:

“ SEC. — And be it further enacted, That to secure a better distribution of the national banking currency there may be issued circulation notes to banking associations organized in States and Territories having a less banking circulation than their pro rata above, as herein set forth. And the cir. culation herein authorized shall, within three years if required, be withdrawn

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