Sketches of Irish Character, Svazek 1

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F. Westley and A.H. Davis, 1829

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Strana 198 - O good old man ; how well in thee appears The constant service of the antique world, When service sweat for duty, not for meed...
Strana 151 - ... disturbing any one's rest, and on account, he does'nt wish a Wake, he begs us, if we want him to have pace, to put him in the ground at twelve o' the night, by the light of four torches.
Strana 163 - I am very sorry, indeed, for you have got a much better wife than most men." " That's a true word, my lady, only she's fidgety -like sometimes, and says I don't hit the nail on the head quick enough ; and she takes a dale more trouble than she need about many a thing.
Strana 161 - Och ! the bright bames of heaven on ye every day ! and kindly welcome, my lady ; and won't ye step in and rest ? — it's powerful hot, and a beautiful summer, sure, — the Lord be praised ! " " Thank you, Shane. I thought you were going to cut the hayfield to-day ; if...
Strana 201 - mid sunbeams. Now groping trouts in lucid streams, Now spinning like a mill-wheel round, Now hunting echo's empty sound, Now climbing up some old tall tree — For climbing sake. 'Tis sweet to thee To sit where birds can sit alone, Or share with thee thy venturous throne.
Strana 163 - Cappler, the brogue maker, to do my shoes ; and, bad luck to him the, spalpeen ! he forgot it." " Where's your pretty wife, Shane ?" " She's in all the woe o' the world, Ma
Strana 90 - Here are we met, three merry boys, Three merry boys I trow are we ; And mony a night we've merry been, And mony mae we hope to be ! We are na fou, &c. It is the moon, I ken her horn, That's blinkin...
Strana 161 - Irish — men, women, and children — least understand ; and the calmness, or rather indifference, with which they submit to dependence, bitter and miserable as it is, must be a source of deep regret to all who " love the land," or who feel anxious to uphold the dignity of human kind.
Strana 164 - Bad cess to the wheel ! I got it this morning about that too. I depinded on John Williams to bring the flax from O'Flaherty's this day week, and he forgot it; and she says I ought to have brought it myself, and I close to the spot. But where's the good? says I ; sure he'll bring it next time.
Strana 162 - ... hot, and a beautiful summer, sure, — -the Lord be praised !" " Thank you, Shane. I thought you were going to cut the hayfield to-day ; if a heavy shower comes it will be spoiled ; it has been fit for the scythe these two days.

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