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Improved Centrifuge

The accompanying cuts briefly illustrate THE ROBINSON ELECTRIC CENTRIFUGE, with its different interchangeable attachments, respectively numbered and described as follows:



No. 1.

No. 2.

No. 3.

No. 4.


No. 1 Attachment (Offset). For Urinary analysis, with two

aluminum shields, carrying two glass tubes, one grad. and

one plain, capacity, 15 cc. No. 2 Attachment. For Emulsion and Oil analyses, with two

aluminum shields, carrying two plain glass tubes, cap. 50 cc. No. 3 Attachment. For Emulsion, Oil, Milk and Cream anal

yses, with two aluminum shields, carrying two plain glass

lubes (cap. 125 cc.), and two Babcock milk bottles. No. 4 Attachment (Hæmatokrit). For Blood and Sputum

analyses, carrying two grad. glass blood tubes and two

plain glass sputum tubes. No. 5 Attachment. For Milk and Cream analyses exclusively,

carrying eight Babcock bottles.

In an electrical apparatus for milk and cream testing, such as shown in the above cut, many, if not all the disagreeable features manisest in the old Steam and Hand Machines are entirely elimi

nated, hence the accredited superiority of the Robinson Babcock No. 5.

Electric Centrifuge is due to many reasons,
SOME OF THEM. It is extremely easy running and en-
tirely free from mechanical sound.

No danger of burns from steam.
It is efficient, compact and durable.

RUNS BY POWER. This feature ought to be greatly appreciated by those who have used the old hand machines.

NOTE. It has long been proven that the heat generated by the action of the sulphuric acid in the milk in carrying out the Babcock process, is amply sufficient to give a clear reading without the aid of steam or other outside heat.

PRICE. The Robinson Babcock Electric Centrifuge, eight bottle capacity, with guard, pulley and cord attachment, complete,

$45.00 The Robinso Electric Centrifuge, for Urinary and Blood analyses, with No. 1 Crinary Frame, complete (Cut No. 6), $30.00 These machines are made for either alternating or direct current.

No. 6. Please write for further particulars.



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A Compound with Passiflora.

A Soporific, Sedative and Anodyne,

free from injurious narcotics.

The chief essential of a remedy for the relief of pain or the inducing of sleep is the accomplishment of the desired result by a physiological and not a toxicological action of the drug.

The physician of today requires a drug or compound whose exhibition is not followed by depression of the vital forces causing disturbances of the heart's action, mental or physical inertia, loss of appetite, indigestion or headache. He must have at his command a remedy which he can safely order for, or leave with, a patient, knowing that his prescription will not establish abnormal cravings.

We can assure the profession that SOMNAFLORA meets all these conditions. It contains no opium or other injurious narcotics; can be given with perfect safety to children, or to adults whose health is impaired. It will not depress, but rather slightly stimulate the heart's action. It may be given with confidence for the relief of pain at the menstrual period, or after surgical operations; also for headache, neuralgia, rheumatism, excessive nervousness, and especially for insomnia as it gives quiet and refreshing sleep. No unpleasant after-effects are experienced when SOMNAFLORA is used.

This new therapeutic agent is put up in glass tubes each containing 10 tablets. The appropriate dose is from 1 to 3 tablets.


Prepared and Sold by


10 Park Square,
A 8 Beacon Street,

417 Westminster Street,


. . SPECIAL ATTENTION ... of the Medical Profession is directed to this remarkable Curative Preparation, as it has been endorsed by THOUSANDS OF THE LEADING PHYSICIANS OF THE UNITED STATES, who are using it in their daily practice.

COLDEN'S LIQUID BEEF TONIC is invaluable in all forms of Wasting Diseases and in cases of convalescence from severe illness. It can also be depended upon with positive certainty of success for the cure of Nervous Weakness, Malarial Fever, Incipient Consumption, General Debility, etc.


is a reliable Food Medicine; rapidly finds its way into the circulation ; arrests Decomposition of the Vital Tissues, and is agreeable to the most delicate stomach. To the physician, it is of incalculable value, as it gives the patient assurance of return to perfect health. Sold by Druggists generally.

The CHARLES N. CRITTENTON CO., General Agents,

Nos. 115 and 17 Fulton Street, NEW YORK.


Used in Pneumonia, Phthisis, Anaemia & Heart Disease.


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