A Brief Treatise Upon Constitutional and Party Questions: And the History of Political Parties, as I Received it Orally from the Late Senator Stephen A. Douglas

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D. Appleton, 1866 - Počet stran: 221

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Strana 86 - Measures, is hereby declared inoperative and void : it being the true intent and meaning of this act, not to legislate slavery into any territory or state, nor to exclude it therefrom, but to leave the people thereof perfectly free to form and regulate their domestic institutions in their own way, subject only to the constitution of the United States...
Strana 36 - Jackson received news of the peace from Washington on March 6th, but by some blunder the courier did not bring the document containing the official notification. On that day Jackson convened a court-martial to try Louaillier.
Strana 146 - General William Henry Harrison, of Ohio, for President, and John Tyler, of Virginia, for Vice-President. The...
Strana 119 - ... which a Territory seeks admission into the Union should be submitted to the people of such Territory for their ratification or rejection at a fair election, to be held for that purpose ; and that before such Territory is admitted as a state, such fundamental law should receive a majority of the legal votes cast at such election ; and they deny the right and condemn the attempt of any convention called for the purpose of framing a Constitution, to impose the instrument formed by them upon...
Strana 196 - A motion was immediately made by the opposition, which brought on a vote, and we found ourselves in a minority of one. I was standing in the lobby, paying eager attention and would have given the world to be at Harris' side, but was too far off to get there in time.
Strana 122 - I passed the KansasNebraska Act myself. I had the authority and power of a dictator throughout the whole controversy in both houses.
Strana 91 - Affairs succeeded in procuring the agreement of the emigrants that they would encamp on the western borders of Missouri, until the end of the next session of Congress, in order to see if Congress would not in the mean time, by law, open the country to emigration.

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