McClure's Magazine ..., Svazek 40

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S. S. McClure, Limited, 1913

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Strana 119 - Owners: (If a corporation, give names and addresses of stockholders holding 1 per cent. or more of total amount of stock.) Printed for The Phillips Exeter Academy.
Strana 119 - There are Victors and Victrolas in great variety of styles from $10 to $250.
Strana 85 - When the discoverers of America saw land at last they fell on their knees and a hymn of thanksgiving burst from their souls. The scene, which is one of the most thrilling in history, repeats itself in the heart of every immigrant as he comes in sight of the American shores. I am at a loss to convey the peculiar state of mind that the experience created in me.
Strana 117 - Victor dealer will gladly play any music you wish to hear. Victor Talking Machine Co., Camden, NJ, USA Berliner Gramophone Co., Montreal. Canadian Distributors | Always use Victor Machines with Victor Records and Victor Needles— f fonibinatinn.
Strana 86 - Just like those at home!" For the moment the little animal made America real to me. At the same time it seemed unreal itself. I was tempted to feel its fur to ascertain whether it was actually the kind of creature I took it for. We were ferried over to Castle Garden. One of the things that caught my eye as I entered the vast rotunda was an iron staircase rising diagonally against one of the inner walls. A uniformed man, with some papers in his hands, ascended it with brisk, resounding step till he...
Strana 216 - EVENING and the flat land, Rich and somber and always silent; The miles of fresh-plowed soil, Heavy and black, full of strength and harshness; The growing wheat, the growing weeds, The toiling horses, the tired men; The long empty roads, Sullen fires of sunset, fading, The eternal, unresponsive sky.
Strana 290 - Om tat sat Om !" Thus, day by day, till Karma's powers spent Release the soul for ever. No more is birth, Nor I, nor thou, nor God, nor man. The ' I ' Has All become, the All is ' I ' and Bliss. Know thou art That, Sannyasin bold ! Say —
Strana 135 - Over 70,000 sold. Delivered in the United States free of charge. Satisfaction guaranteed. Liberal allowance for old pianos and time payments accepted. FREE. — If you are interested in piano?, let us send you our beautifully illustrated catalog that gives full information.
Strana 56 - He is sent into the world charged with it, but he can't keep it a day beyond its allotted time. He has his hour when he can do, live, become. If he devotes these years to self-sacrifice, to caring for an aged parent or helping to support his brother's children, God may reward him, but Nature will not forgive him.

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