Scorpions Under Pillow: Terrorism in Africa

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AuthorHouse, 2008 - Počet stran: 376

The book is not about scorpions or pillows. It is a detailed research document about the philosophy, trends, patterns, and consequences of violent terrorist plots and their heinous activities in the African continent.

For over five decades, Africans north and south of the Sahara have tragically suffered deaths, destruction, and horror in the hands of those who desperately resort to violence and those who by their conducts inspire, instigate or encourage the use of violence. It took the world the despicable and bloody event of September 11 2001 to wake up to this global reality.

The book attempts to define, analyze and appraises terrorism, terrorism and their sense of reasoning, rationale and choice of targets in a continent whose people are simply grappling with the problem of poverty and underdevelopment.

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