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who is honest and faithful in all his DE Thoughts and Actions. Every thing

which is false, vicious, or unworthy, is despicable to him, though all the World should approve it. At the same time he has the most lively Senfibility in all Enjoyments and 'Sufferings which it is proper for him to haye, where_any Duty of Life is concerned. To want Sorrow when

you in Decency and Truth should In the

be afflicted, is, I should think, a greater Instance of a Man's being a Blockhead, than not to know the Beauty of any Passage in Virgil. You have not yet observed, Mr. Spec

TATOR, that the fine Gentlemen * of this Age set up for hardness of

Heart, and Humanity has very little share in their Pretences. He is a brave Fellow who is always ready to kill a Man he hates, but he does not stand in the fame degree of Esteem who laments for the Woman he loves. I should fancy you might work up a thousand pretty Thoughts,

by reflecting upon the Persons moft O susceptible of the fort of Sorrow I ! have spoken of; and I dare fay you?

will find upon Examination, that they

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o are the wifest and the bravest of Man, “kind who are most capable of it. Norwich, Ilam, SIR, 7 Octobris, 17122 Your moft bumble Servant,


Tuesday, Oftober 28.


Vera:redit facies, diffimulata perit. '

P. Arb

V6 Have been for many years

loudi in this Affertion; LI

That there are very few that can see or hear, I

mean that can report what Othey have seen or heard; and this

through Incapacity for Prejudice, one of which disables almost every Man C'who talks to you fromi representing things as he ought. For which reafon I am come to a Resolution of believing nothing I hear's and I con

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temn the Men given to Narrations ' under the Appellation of a Mátter-ofFact Man: And according to me, a

Matter-of-Faet Man'is one whofe Life " and Converfation is in the Report of 6 what is not Matter-of-Fact.

"I remember when Prince Eugene 6 was here, there was no knowing his

Height or Figure, till you, Mr. Spec

TATOR, gave the Publick Satisfaction Sin that Matter." In Relations, the

Force of the Expreslion lies very oftén more in the Look, the Tone of Voice, or the Gesture; than the « Words themselves; which being repeated in any other manner by the undiscerning, bear a very different Interpretation from their original Meaning. I'must confess, I' formerly have turned this Humour of mine to very good account; for whenever I heard any Narration utter'd with extraordinary Vehemence, and grounded upon considerable Authority, I was always ready to lay any Wager that it was not fo. Indeed I never pretended to be so rafh, as to fix the matter any particular way in opposition to theirs; but as there are an hundred ways of any thing happening, befides that it

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happened, I only controverted its falling out in that one manner as they settled it, and left it to the ninety nine other ways, and confequently had more. Probability of Success. I had arrived at a particular Skill in warming a Man so far in his Narration, as to make him throw in a little of the Marvelous, and then, if he kas much Fire, the next Degree is the Impoffible. Now this is always the Time for fixing the Wager. But this re* quires the niceft Management, otherwise very probably the Dispute may arise to the old Determination by Battel. In these Conceits I have been very fortunate, and have won some Wagers of those who have professedly valued themselves upon Intelligence, and have put themselves to great Charge and Expence to be mifinform'd considerably sooner than the rest of the World.

HAVING got a comfortable Sum by this my opposition to pub? lick Report, I have brought my self

now to so great a Perfection in Inat

tention, more especially to Party-Re• lations, that at the same time I seem with greedy Ears to devour up the


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Discourse, I certainly don't know

one Word of it, but pursue my own

course of Thought, whether upon Bu“siness or Amusement, with much Tran

quillity: I fay Inattention, because a

late Act of Parliament has fecur'd all ' Party-Lyars from the Penalty of a Wa

ger, and consequently made it unpro

fitable to attend to them. However, • Good-breeding obliges a Man to

maintain the Figure of the keenest • Attention, the true Posture of which (in a Coffee-house I take to consist in

leaning over a Table, with the edge ' of it prefling hard upon your Sto

mach: for the more Pain the Narra(tion is received with, the more gra

cious is your bending over: Belides that the Narrator thinks you forget

your Pain, by the Pleasure of hearing e him.

(FORT Knock has occasioned fee ' veral very perplexed and inelegant • Heats and Animofities; and there was

one t'other Day in a Coffee-house 6 where I was, that took upon him to ( clear that Business to me, for he said c he was there. I knew him to be that « fort of Man that had not Strength of • Capacity to be inform'd of any thing

Vol. XIV. D


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