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The Board of Examiners.

Candidates may select any SIX of the following experi

ments, and will be asked to perform not more than THREE of those selected.

1. Determine the ratio of the circumference and

diameter of the given circle.

2. Verify Hooke's Law for the given spring.

3. Find the boiling point of the given liquid.

4. Determine the latent heat of steam.

5. Find the focal lengths of the two given lenses.

6. Determine, by the method of reflexions, the radius

of curvature of a convex surface.

7. Find the magnifying power of the given telescope

when used for the examination of a distant object.

8. Verify the inverse square law for like magnetic


9. Determine the magnetic dip.

10. Determine, by the P.O. Box, the resistance of the

given conductor.


11. Determine the resistance of the given coil by the

simple substitution method. 12. Arrange the apparatus needed to produce a pure

spectrum on the screen.


The Board of Examiners. 1. Describe Regnault's method of determining the

specific heat of a gas at constant pressure.

State the results he arrived at by his experiments.

2. A given mass of a perfect gas is allowed to expand

into a perfectly empty vessel; determine the

change in its entropy. 3. If I be the latent heat of change of state expressed

in work units, and v the increase in volume of the unit mass of the substance after passing from one state to the other, prove that

dp λ =υ θ

do where p is the pressure and the temperature. 4. Define the terms “plane of incidence," "plane of

polarization,” “principal plane of a crystal.”

State and explain the relations between the principal plane in Iceland spar, and the planes of

polarization of the two refracted rays. 5. Describe Fresnel's rhomb, and the method of using

it to obtain circularly polarized light.

6. Light polarized in a plane perpendicular to the

plane of incidence, falls on the plane surface of a transparent medium at an angle of incidence o. Making the same assumptions as Fresnel, if the amplitude of the incident ray be unity, that of the reflected ray will be

tan (0 - 0)

tan ( + 0')
where is the angle of refraction.

Hence explain Brewster's law for the polarizing angle.

7. Prove, completely, from first principles, that the

force just outside a charged conductor is equal to 4пр. .

8. Prove, completely, from first principles, that the

magnetic force near the centre within a very long helix, carrying a current C, is equal to 4ANC, where n is the number of turns of the helix per linear centimetre.

9. Give, as fully as you can, the reasoning by which

it is established that the E.M.F. of induction round any circuit is equal to the rate of decrease of the number of magnetic lines of force which pass through the circuit in the positive direction.

10. Describe the construction of an alternate current

transformer, and explain its theory in general terms.

Describe briefly the high-tension system of electric lighting, and explain its advantages and disadvantages.

[blocks in formation]

Answer fully and clearly NINE, and only nine of the

following questions. 1. Explain the meaning of(a) Peculium. (6) Peculium adventitium. (c) Peculium castrense. (d) Peculium profectitium.

2. In the gens, as it co-existed with the State, plain

marks of independent legislative authority are

found. Give as many instances as you can. 3. Give a classification of the inferior population as

it existed in ancient society.

4. Describe a Roman funeral.

5. Give, with dates, any instances you remember of

the Comitia overruling the distribution of provinces made by the senate.

6. What was the effect of the battle of Cannae on

Hannibal's position in Italy ? 7. (a) When and under what circumstances did

Dacia become a Roman possession ? (6) When and under what circumstances did it cease to be a Roman possession ? (c) What memorials of the Dacian conquest still survive ?

8. Upon what Emperor, at what time, and under

what circumstances was the title Parthicus bestowed ?

9. Dean Merrivale institutes a comparison between

Marcus Aurelius and a famous English king:
Who is the king, and what are the grounds of

the comparison ? 10. Trace the influence of the Grecian mythes as

stimulants to Grecian art. 11. The ancient philosophers and legislators were

deeply impressed with the contrast between an

inland and a maritime city. For what reasons ? 12. Wherein lies the chief importance of the First

Sacred War ? 13. Is it true to describe Cleisthenes as merely a

renovator of the Solonian Constitution after its overthrow by the Peisistratids?


The Board of Examiners. Answer fully and clearly NINE, and only nine, of the

following questions. 1. Give a short account of the social and political life

of the English in their continental homes. 2. State generally what you conceive to have been

the effects on England of the rule of the foreign kings: Danish, Norman, and Angevin.

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