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THE STORE AND POST OFFICE To a large extent the local administration of Culion The Government pays the lepers in special coinag is in the hands of the lepers. They elect their own for whatever work they do. This coinage is accepis mayor and councilmen, who enact regulations. at face value for money orders sent out from iz Each councilman is responsible for the good order in colonies. At the store, which is managed by a leper

. his own district. The leper police force, seen in the a stock of such things as the lepers may wish to bu foreground, enforces the laws and sees that the town is kept. All mail leaving Culion is thoroughly disa is kept clean

fected sary to supply food for themselves. There useful to themselves. The repugnante are many lighter occupations in which which the public has for things handled a fair percentage could engage, yet the by lepers, even though rendered safe by articles produced would not be of a kind sterilization, would preclude the possibility



Here all the supplies for the leper colony are received of selling these products at a profit. Then clothes, laundry work, cleaning, the care of again, so many of them are bedfast, and streets, and the repairing of buildings rethe wounds and ulcers of others require so quire the entire time of many more, so that much attention, that many of those not the sum total of the remaining effective yet so badly afflicted must devote their time labor is very small. to those not so fortunately situated. The question of raising cattle is now Domestic duties, cooking, the making of under consideration. Apparently this


BALALA, THE UNINFECTED SECTION OF CULION Here the doctors, nurses, and non-leprous employees live; and here also are the administrative offices of this

remarkable organization


A BATH HOUSE IN THE LEPER COLONY Concrete is used in the construction of practically all the buildings except the small nipa palm dwelling house


should be a light occupation in which our) nearly a ton of fish is offered for sale by the lepers might be successful. On account' lepers every day. Milk from the goats and of the fact that cattle do not contract special vegetables may now be obtained for leprosy, it would seem that the public the sick. In connection with the store there would not object to the meat of such is a post office, with a leper postmaster in animals if it were placed upon the charge. All outgoing mail is disinfected. market.

When it is ready, a non-leprous employee At first it was hoped that the able-bodied collects it and places it aboard the mail lepers would be glad to perform such tasks steamer. as might be assigned to them, but it was A special currency has been coined for soon found that even a leper who receives the exclusive use of the lepers. The defree board, lodging, hospital care, and nominations are the same as those of the clothing from the Government does not regular Philippine currency. If a leper care to work for that Government without has occasion to send money out of the receiving compensation, notwithstanding colony, he can purchase a regular money that the labor is for his own benefit. There order from a non-leprous clerk, who mails are many things to be done each day in it for him. Culion. The streets must be swept, the Briefly, then, the United States has garbage cans emptied, assistance rendered established the world's largest leper colony. in the hospital, and supplies carried. Each In the course of a few years the feat of leper thinks it is the duty of the other to gathering up more than 8,000 lepers has do the work, and so it goes in an endless been accomplished without creating any circle. To meet this difficulty it seemed serious disturbance. The treatment for desirable to change artificial conditions leprosy has been greatly advanced. The of institutional life more nearly to re- lepers themselves, instead of being shunned. semble the conditions prevailing in ordi- often wanting for food, and driven from nary communities. With this end in pillar to post, now have a comfortable view, a store has now been started at home where they are welcome. And which anything produced by a leper may finally, due to the decreasing number of be sold. There is also kept for sale a stock new cases, hundreds of unfortunates who of such things as the lepers may wish to were formerly doomed each year to conbuy. This store is beginning to exert a tract this most loathsome disease are now very favorable influence. For example, saved from this horror.






AR orders in one year ossal industry in this country. Dozens of have made the differ- great manufactories of steel, brass, and ence between semi-star- copper have turned their equipment to the vation and a feast to the production of shells, rifles, and ammunition.

metal working manu- These big concerns, in turn, have demanded acturers of the United States. In that year, unprecedented quantities of machine tools ne making of munitions has become a col- from the tool makers. And they have sub



SAFEGUARDS AGAINST CRANKS AND SPIES Nobody can get into or out of any of the buildings of the Remington Arms Company or the Union

Metallic Cartridge Company at Bridgeport without showing a pass to an armed guard

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MARCH 15, 1915 The site of the new plant of the Remington Arms Company at Bridgeport when the grounds were being cleared for the crection of buildings in which to manufacture

Weapons for the Inienie lee

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