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Courtesy of The Engineering Record III.- -THE NEW QUEBEC BRIDGE Which is rapidly nearing completion. The engineers in charge have very little more data to rely on than the builders of the first bridge had, but the new bridge will be constructed with probably more than the necessary strength for the sake of absolute safety

been most neglected in the past. For attaché. Ten of these attachés have been years readers of current literature have appointed so far. Mr. C. W. A. Veditz been regaled with tales of the way in who was assigned to Paris, went to his post which English, French, and German con- by way of Madrid, where he dropped in on suls, commercial agents, and salesmen the King of Spain one afternoon. In the have outmaneuvred the United States course of the conversation Mr. Veditz rein every foreign market and undersold us minded His Majesty that ever since the and taken our few lonely customers away Spanish-American war there had been a from us.

Hereafter it may be the Amer- "transportation tax” of $1.20 a ton on ican who is the hero in such tales, instead American coal, which by any other name of the victim.

would be just as effective in shutting it out If this agreeable change in the cast for of the Spanish market in favor of the Engthe international commercial drama is lish product. Mr. Veditz suggested that brought about it will be due to the admir- right then would be as good a time as any able way in which the Bureau of Foreign to remove this prohibitive tax. The King and Domestic Commerce is fulfilling its said he would see about it, and he did. In function of enhancing the efficiency of our a remarkably short time, measured by export trade. Its method of promoting governmental ideas of time, Mr. Veditz foreign trade is described as collecting was informed that the tax on American information about foreign markets and coal had been removed. As soon as he distributing the information to American could get to the cable office, this informamanufacturers and exporters." That cer- tion was forwarded to the Bureau of tainly does not sound thrilling, but observe Foreign and Domestic Commerce, with how it works out:

the names of some Spanish firms that One of the new steps recently taken was were ready to handle American coal. the creation of the post of commercial The ink was hardly allowed to dry on the


FOR TESTING THE STRENGTH OF STEEL The Bureau of Standards has constructed the largest machine in existence for testing the strength of steel beams, and it is also undertaking extensive researches along the same line that will afford valuable data for the engineering and architectural professions

cablegram in Washington before the in- negotiations, the matter was turned over formation was distributed to a number of to the American Smelting & Refining coal export houses. Three days later, one Company to finish. The result is that a of them wrote to the Bureau that it was new industry has been established in then loading the first consignment of coal America. A tin smelter is now in operfor a new market that is expected to take ation at Perth Amboy, where an electroabout three million tons a year.

lytic process handles the refractory ores Hitherto we have been importing about so well that the tin produced is of even $50,000,000 worth of tin a year, 90 per higher grade than that from the Straits cent. of it from the Straits Settlements, Settlements. The value of this new enterwhere an export duty on ores enforced prise to the commerce of the Nation is the reduction of the tin to metallic form estimated at $50,000,000 a year. before it was shipped out of the country

Another commercial attaché procured In other words, the United States smelted for American manufacturers orders for practically none of the tin it used. $1,000,000 worth of cotton machinery for

Fifteen months ago it occurred to the China. Another million-dollar order from Bureau of Foreign and Domestic Com- China, obtained through the Bureau, was merce that it would be a good idea to for machinery for an arsenal at Han-yang. import tin ores from Bolivia to be smelted Still another achievement was an order here. Bolivia is rich in tin ores, but the from Russia for 40,000 bales of cotton a ores have certain impurities that made year for five years. them difficult to handle. Besides, there The Bureau of Foreign and Domestic were innumerable obstacles in the way of Commerce, however, is more than a mere a deal. One of the new commercial at- salesman. Through published informatachés rolled up his sleeves and went at it. tion and through confidential information When he had smoothed out the preliminary not published, by sending representatives


THE RESULT OF A FLAW IN A RAIL Thousands of rails break annually, causing a loss of life and a property loss that runs into millions of dollars. The Bureau of Standards makes microscopic examinations of rails for defects and conducts experiments to prevent these defects in the forging of the steel


AIDING THE MOTORIST One of the many activities of the Bureau of Standards is the testing of speedometers for automobiles


SEEKING A SUBSTITUTE FOR WOOD PULP Practically all the newsprint paper of the United States and Canada is manufactured from wood pulp, and the supply is limited. "The Bureau of Standards employs a small paper-making machine in its efforts to find a suitable substitute



Copyright by Brown Bros. The function of the Bureau of Foreign and Domestic Commerce is to encourage foreign trade


A MACHINE FOR COMPILING TRADE FIGURES Copyright by Brown Bros. In addition to the work of consuls in the promotion of our foreign trade, the post of commercial attaché has recently been added to the service. Ten of these attachés have already been appointed, and their reports to the Bureau of Foreign and Domestic Commerce are available to American business men

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