The Gospel according to saint Matthew and part of the first chapter of the Gospel according to saint Mark tr. with notes by sir J. Cheke, also vii. letters of sir J. Cheke. Prefixed is an account of the translation, by J. Goodwin

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Strana 17 - From the authors which rose in the time of Elizabeth, a speech might be formed adequate to all the purposes of use and elegance. If the language of theology were extracted from Hooker and the translation of the Bible; the terms of natural knowledge from Bacon; the phrases of policy, war, and navigation from Raleigh; the dialect of poetry and fiction from Spenser and Sidney; and the diction of common life from Shakespeare, few ideas would be lost to mankind, for want of English words, in which they...
Strana 42 - Scribes cam and said vnto him. Master J wil folow y whiyersoever fow goost. and Jesus said vnto him, Foxes hath dens, and y birds of y1aier hath nests, but y son of man hath not wheer he mai lai his hed. And an oy"er of his disciples said vnto him. Sir suffer me first to depart, and buri mi fayer. And Jesus said vnto him folow me and let y deed buri yeer deed.

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