Rules and Regulations for the Government of the Massachusetts State-Prison

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J. Belcher, 1811 - Počet stran: 23

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Strana 12 - SEC. 4. To prevent as far as possible intercourse with the convicts from abroad, to seclude them from the world, and thereby to leave them, as far as it is practicable, to their own reflections, to profit by the lessons of morality and religion bestowed on them while in confinement, that when they again return to society they may be improved in their minds and dispositions, it is important that as few visitors as possible be admitted within the precincts of the Prison.
Strana 11 - Each of the Officers of the Prison shall be furnished with a gun, bayonet, the necessary accoutrements, and a cartridge box containing at least twelve cartridges with balls, and a strong heavy cutlass to be kept in good order in a safe and convenient place for use, in cases of insurrection of the convicts, and when self defense becomes indispensable.
Strana 1 - Prison ; to define their powers, and prescribe their duties, and to ascertain and fix their compensations ; to make, ordain, and establish all such rules, by-laws, orders, and regulations, not repugnant to the laws of the Commonwealth, as they may from time to time see fit for the government and direction of the said warden, and all other officers, agents and servants of said prison, and as may be proper for the maintenance, employment and instruction of the convicts...

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