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" When practised, not by small communities, but by wide nations, democracy, far from being a crude form of government, is possible only amongst peoples of the highest and steadiest political habit. It is the heritage of races purged alike of hasty barbaric... "
autor/autoři: GROSSET & DUNLAP - 1921
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An Examination of the Nature of the State: A Study in Political Philosophy

Westel Woodbury Willoughby - 1911 - 448 str.
...prepared them by gradual steps of acquired privilege for assuming the entire control of their affairs. They must have acquired adult selfreliance, self-knowledge,...It is poison to the infant, but tonic to the man. jVIonarchies may be made, buLdemocracies joust grow." l Thus far we have been considering the character,...
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Selected Literary and Political Papers and Addresses of Woodrow Wilson, Svazek 2

Woodrow Wilson - 1921
...widening experience in local self -direction must have prepared them for national self -direction. They must have acquired adult self-reliance, self-knowledge,...again and again to be called to mind, that only in the 100 United States^ in a few other governments begotten of the.English race, and in Switzerland, where...
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The Century, Svazek 90

...institution of political noonday, not of the half-light of political dawn. It can never be made to sit easily on first generations, but strengthens through long...Monarchies may be made, but democracies must grow." The reign of terror in the last two years has disclosed in vivid detail that Mexico was not yet "purged...
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