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More out of malice than integrity,

Man. I am not Samson, nor sir Guy, nor Col. Would try him to the utmost, had ye mean; brand,' to mow them down before me : but, if I Which yc shal never have, while I live. spared any, that had a head to hit, either young Chan.

Thus far, or old, he or she, cuckold or cuckold-maker, let me My most dread sovereign, may it like your grace never hope to see a chine again; and that I would To let my tongue excuse all. What was purpos's not for a cow, God save her.

opy Concerning his imprisonment, was rather [Within.) Do you hear, master porter ? (If there be faith in men) meant for his trial, Port. I shall be with you presently, good master And fair purgation to the world, than malice, puppy.-Keep the door close, sirrah. I am sure, in me.

Man. What would you have me do? K. Hen. Well, well, my lords, respect him; Port. What should you do but knock them down Take him, and use him well, he is worthy bf it. by the dozens? Is this Moorfields to muster in? or I will say thus much for him, If a prince have we some strange Indian with the great tool come May be beholden to a subject, I

to court, the women so besiege us! Bless me, what Am. for his love and service, so to him.

a fry of fornication is at door! On my Christian Make me no more ado, but all embrace him; conscience, this one christening will beget a thouBe friends, for shame, my lords.—My lord of Canter- sand; here will be father, godfather, and all together. I have a suit which you must not deny me; (bury, Man. The spoons will be the bigger, sir. There is That is, a fair young maid that yet wants baptism, a fellow somewhat near the door, he should be a You must be godfather, and answer for her. brazier by his face, for, o'my conscience, twenty of

Cran. The greatest monarch now alive may glory the dog-days now reign in's nose; all that stand In such an honor: How may I deserve it, about him are under the line, they need no other That am a poor and humble subject to you? penance: That fire-drake did I hit three times on K. Hen. Come, come, my lord, you'd spare your the head, and three times was his nose discharged spoons;' you shall have

against me; he stands there, like a mortar-piece, Two noble partners with you; the old duchess of to blow us. There was a haberdasher's wife of Norfolk,

small wit near him, that rail'd upon me till her And lady marquis Dorset; Will these please you? pink'd porringer fell off her head, for kindling such Once more, my lord of Winchester, I charge you, a combustion in the state. I miss’d the meteor Embrace, and love this man.

once, and hit that woman, who cried out, clubs Gar.

With a true heart, when I might see from far some forty truncheonAnd brother-love, I do it.

eers draw to her succor, which were the hope of Cran. And let heaven

the Strand, where she was quartered. They fellon; Witness, how dear I hold this confirmation. I made good my place; at length they came to the

K. Hen. Good man, those joyful tears show thy broomstaff with me, I defied them still; when The common voice, I see, is verified [true heart. suddenly a file of boys behind them, loose shot, Ofthee, which says thus, Domy lord of Canterbury delivered such a shower of pebbles, that I was fain A shrewd turn, and he is your friend forever. – to draw mine honor in, and let them win the work: Come, lords, we trifle time away; I long The devil was amongst them, I think, surely. To have this young one made a Christian.

Port. These are the youths that thunder at a As I have made ye one, lords, one remain; play-house, and fight for bitten-apples; that no So I grow stronger, you more honor gain. [Exeunt. audience, but the T'ribulation of Tower-hill, or the

Limbs of Limehouse, their dear brothers, are able SCENE III.-The Palace Yard.

to endure. I have some of them in Limbo Patrum,' Noise and Tumult within. Enter Porter and his Man. and there they are like to dance these three days; Port. You'll leave your noise anon, ye rascals: besides the running banquet of two beadles,' that

is to come. Do you take the court for Paris-garden ?? slaves, leave your gaping::

Enter the Lord Chamberlain. [Within.] Good master porter, I belong to the

Cham. Mercy o' me, what a multitude are here larder.

They grow still too, from all parts they are coming, Port. Belong to the gallows, and be hanged, you As if we kept a fair here! Where are these porters rogue: Is this the place #roar in ?—Fetch me a These lazy' knaves ?-Ye have made a fine hand dozen crab-tree staves, and strong ones; these are fellows, but switches to them. I'll scratch your heads: There's a trim rabble let in : Are all these You must be seeing christenings? Do you look for Your faithfal friends o'the suburbs? We shall have ale and cake here, you rude rascals?

Great store of room, no doubt, left for the ladies,, Man. Pray, sir, be patient; 'tis as much impossible when they pass back from the christening, (Unless we sweep them from the door with cannons)


An't please your honor, To scatter them, as 'tis to make them sleep

We are but men; and what so many may do, On May-day morning; which will never be:

Not being torn a pieces, we have done:
We niay as well push against Paul's, as stir them. An army cannot rule them.
Port. How got they in, and be hang'd ?


As I live, Man. Alas, I know not: How gets the tide in ? If the king blame me for't, I'll lay ye all As much as one sound cudgel of four foot

By the heels, and suddenly; and on your heads (You see the poor remainder) could distribute,

Clap round fines, for neglect: You are lazy knaves; I made no spare, sir.

And here ye lie baiting of bumbards, when Port. You did nothing, sir.

ye rude

*Guy of Warwick, nor Colbrand the Danish giant. 1 It was an ancient custom for sponsors to present spoons

Pink'd cnp. to their god-children.

1 Place of confinement. 8 A dessert of whipping • The bear garden on the Bank-side. • Roaring. 9 Black leather vessels to hold beer.

& The brazier.

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'Tis ten tv one, this play can never please For this play at this time, is only in
All that are here: Some come to take their ease, The merciful construction of good women;
And sleep an act or two; but those, we fear, For such a one we show'd them; If they smile,
We have frighted with our trumpets; so, 'tis clear, And say, 'twill do, I know, within a while
They'll say, 'tis naught: others, to hear the city All the best men are ours; for, 'tis ill hap,
Abus'd extremely, and to cry,—that's witty! If they hold, when their ladies bid them clap.
Which we have not done neither : that, I fear,

3 This and the following seventeen lines were probably All the expecteil good we are like to hear

written by B. Jonson, after the accession of king James.

1 Pitch

" At Greenwich



Priam, King of Troy

AGAMEMXON, the Grecian General. Hкстов, ,

MENELAUS, his brother. Troilus,




Grecian Commanders.


Trojan Commanders.

Calchas, a Trojan Priest, taking part with the Thersites, a deformed and scurrilous Grecian.

Pandarus, Uncle to Cressida.

HELEN, Wife to Menelaus.
a bastard son of Priam.

ANDROMACHE, Wife to Hector.

CASSANDRA, Daughter to Priam, a Prophetess.
ALEXANDER, Servant to Cressida.
Seruant to Troilus; Servant to Paris; Servant to

CRESSIDA, Daughter to Calchas.

Trojan and Greek Soldiers, and Attendants.

SCENE, Troy, and the Grecian Camp before it.


In Troy there lies the scene. From isles of Greece | And Antenorides, with massy staples,
The princes orgulous,' their high blood chafed, And corresponsive and fulfilling bolts,
Have to the port of Athens sent their ships, Speer up the sons of Troy.
Fraught with the ministers and instruments Now, expectation, tickling skittish spirits,
Of cruel war: Sixty and nine, that wore

On one and other side, Trojan and Greek,
Their crownets regal, from the Athenian bay Sets all on hazard :--And hither am I come
Put forth toward Phrygia : and their vow is made, | A prologue arin'd, but not in 'confidence
To ransack Troy; within whose strong immures Of author's pen, or actor's voice; but suited
The ravish'd Helen, Menelaus' queen,

In like conditions as our argument, With wanton Paris sleeps; and that's the quarrel. To tell you, fair beholders, that our play To Tenedos they come;

Leaps o'er the vaunt and firstlings of those br. ils, And the deep-drawing barks do there disgorge 'Ginning in the middle; starting thence away Their warlike fraughtage: Now on Dardan plains To what may be digested in a play. The fresh and yet unbruised Greeks do pitch Like, or find fault; do as your pleasures are;. Their brave pavilions: Priam's six-gated city, Now good, or bad, 'tis but the chance of war. Dardan, and Tymbria, Ilias, Chetas, Trojan,


SCENE I.—Troy. Before Priam's Palace.

Enter Troilus, armed, and PANDARUS.

That find such cruel battle here within?
Each Trojan, that is master of his heart,
Let him to field; Troilus, alas ! hath none.

Pan. Will this gear ne'er be mended ?
Tro. The Greeks are strong, and skilful to their

strength, Shut. * Avaunt, what went before 6 Habit

Tro. Call here my varlet," I'll unarm again : Why should I war without the walls of Troy, 1 Proud, disdainful. Freight. Servant.

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