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§ 325. Scope of Chapter.

326. Quarantine Laws Relating to Transportation.

327. Sherman Anti-Trust Law.

328. Clayton Anti-Trust Law.

329. Federal Trade Commission Law.

329a. Merchant Marine.

330. Safety Appliance Law.

33 Hours of Service Law.

332. Employers' Liability Law.

333. Arbitration And Labor Laws.

334. Breaking Seals of Railroad Cars Containing Interstate or For.

eign Commerce.

334a. Transportation of Stolen Motor Vehicles Prohibited.

334b. Child Labor Law.



Including act approved February 4, 1887, chapter 104, effective April

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173, being section one of the Appropriation Act.

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342. Free Service with Certain Exceptions Prohibited and Penalties


342a. Excepting Cincinnati Southern Railway.

343. Railroad Companies Prohibited from Transporting Commodi.

ties in Which They Are Interested, with Certain Exceptions.

344. Terms under Which Switch Connections Shall Be made.

344a. Car Service Defined.

344b. Duty of Carrier To Furnish Safe and Adequate Car Service.

344c. Duty of Carrier To Make Reasonable Distribution of Cars.

344d. Schedule of Car Service Must be Filed.

344e. Authority of Commission to Establish Car Service Rules.

344f. Authority of Commission to Require Joint Use of Terminals.

344g. Routing Regulations.

344h. Commission May Act by Agents—Penalties.

344i. Extension and Abandonment of Present Railroad Facilities.

344j. Procedure in Applying For Extensions or Abandonments.

344k. Further Procedural Rules—Penalties.

3441. Commission May Require Extension of Facilities.

344m. Facilities Solely Within One State Exempted.

344n. Punishment For Obstructing Interstate or Foreign Commerce.

3440. Provisions Relating to Duties of Carriers During War.

345. Definition and Prohibition of Unjust Discrimination.

346. Undue and Unreasonable Preference Prohibited.

346a. Regulation of Collection of Transportation Charges.

347. Carriers Shall Accord Reasonable and Equal Facilities for In-

terchange of Traffic.

347a. Joint Use of Terminal Facilities May be Required.

348. Rule as to Long and Short Hauls.

349. Relief From Long and Short Haul Clause.

350. Changes Not Required Until Further Orders.

351. Rates Reduced by Competition with Water Routes—Not In.

creased When.

352. Pooling of Freights and Division of Earnings Regulated.

352a. Consolidation of Carriers.

352b. Commission To Adopt A Plan.

352c. Notice of Plan To Be Given.

352d. Conditions Under Uhich Consolidations Must Be Made.

352e. Applications To Consolidate.

352f. Express Companies Consolidation of.

352g. Anti-Trust Laws Not to Apply.

353. Rail Carrier Not to Own Competing Water Carriers.

354. Whether or Not Competition Exists to be Determined by the


355. Commission May Relieve from Provision.

356. Water Carriers to File Tariffs.

357. Violators of Sherman Anti-Trust Act Not to Use Panama


358. Carriers Shall File, Print and Keep Public Schedules of Rates.

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