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455. Parties Defendant Other than Carriers in Suit to Enforce Pro-

visions of Act.

456. Equitable Proceedings May Be Instituted by the Commission

to Restrain Discrimination or Departures from Published


457. Immunity and Compulsory Attendance of Witnesses, Produc-

tion of Books and Papers.

458. Expediting Act Applicable to Suits Brought under Direction

of Attorney-General.

459. Repealing Clause Not Affecting Pending Suits or Accrued


460. Commerce Court.

461. Commerce Court Abolished.

462. Venue of Suits on Orders of Interstate Commerce Commission.

463. Procedure in the District Courts.

464. Temporary Restraining Orders.

465. An Appeal to the Supreme Court from Interlocutory Orders.

466. Appeals from Final Judgments.

467. Pending Causes Transferred District Courts.

468. Certain Cases Given Precedence and Hearing Expedited, Hear-

ing Before Three Judges.

469. Direct Appeal to Supreme Court.

470. Government Aided Railroad and Telegraph Lines.

471. Connecting Telegraph Lines.

472. Duties Imposed on Interstate Commerce Commission.

473. Duty of the Attorney-General.

474. Penalties Provided.

475. Duty of Telegraph and Railroad Companies to File Contracts

with and Make Reports to Interstate Commerce Commission.

476. Right of Congress to Alter or Annul Act.

477. Lake Erie and Ohio River Ship Canal.

478. Parcel Post.

479. Compulsory Attendance of Witnesses and Production of Pa-

pers Provided for.

480. Amendment to Compulsory Attendance Act.

480a. Policy of Congress to Encourage Water Transportation.

480b. Effective Date Section Ten Clayton Act Extended.

480c. Part of Act Unconstitutional Not Invalidate Other Parts.

480d. Federal Control.

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