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To the Right Honourable

Henry Boyle, Efq;


Sanders 10-20-31 24664


S the profeft Defign of this Work is to entertain its

Readers in general, with

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[blocks in formation]

Employments which You have pass'd through would not have been able to have raifed You this general approbation, had they not been accompanied with that Moderation

[blocks in formation]

of fetting to Show thofe great Services which You have done the Publick,

has not likewife a little

contributed to that Uni

verfal Acknowledgment which is paid You by

Your Country.

THE Confideration of this Part of Your Character, is that which hinders me from enlarging on

thofe Extraordinary Ta


lents, which have given You fo great a Figure in the British Senate, as well as on that Elegance and Politeness which appear in Your more retired Converfation. Ifhould be unpardonable, if, after what I have said, I should longer detain You with an Addrefs of this Nature: I cannot, however, conclude it without owning



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