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Problem Solved.

Problem #1: You want to do well on the SAT, but don't have enough time to study. We get it. Everything you need to achieve your goals on the SAT is in this book. No long-winded lessons. Just what you need to score higher.

Problem #2: Studying for the SAT is boring. No kidding. Studying for the SAT is never going to be a lot of laughs. But the payoff is huge -- and the tools in this book are a straightforward path to your goal.

Problem #3: Everyone has an opinion about how you should study for the SAT. You probably have a pretty good idea of where you need help. If you already know what you need, jump right in. If not, we can help you create a personalized study plan.

You don't have to put your real life on hold while you prepare for your future.

Additional Features Include:

• Special features on the CD-ROM, including a diagnostic test, a personalized study plan (which the CD-ROM creates based on the results of your diagnostic), and an instant score analysis of the 2 full-length practice tests, including explanations for why your wrong answers are wrong. Plus: tutorials, FAQs, and more.

• Kaplan's SAT online book companion. Take additional tests, complete interactive exercises, and view supplemental flashcards -- all with the click of your mouse.

• Two email options: Receive up-to-the-minute email updates on the new SAT. You can also sign up for The College Edge -- Kaplan's free monthly newsletter filled with admissions tips, important deadline reminders, and more.

• Study group tips for students who want to prep with their friends. A study group can help you stay on track, and it's less stressful than studying on your own. This book will show you how to make your study group work for you.

Why Kaplan Test Prep and Admissions?

When you want advice, you probably ask your friends. Or parents. Or teachers. And each of them can probably give you some good advice about taking the PSAT. So why do you need Kaplan? Because your friends, parents, and teachers probably haven't invested millions of dollars developing realistic practice exams and test-taking strategies. Kaplan has. And when a test changes, we're prepared with the most up-to-date materials.

When it comes to the PSAT, your friends know what works for them, but do they know what works for you? Kaplan has helped millions of students -- all kinds of students, from perfect-score seekers to students who run screaming from algebra problems -- reach their individual goals. More than 65 years of test preparation experience -- it's all in this book.

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For more information, contact us at 1-800-KAP-TEST or visit kaptest.com.

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