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to set up the indust

Dayis was tried in London for forging cleared up, after many Secret Service men Bank of England notes, Mr. Flynn went had tried in vain, was that surrounding a to England and was able to identify him continuous run of counterfeit pennies as the red-bearded man whom he had that had been circulating in New York seen watching the bank in Grand Street City for years. The making of pennies in New York the day the five-pound is a profitable occupation in a small way. counterfeits had been offered for exchange. A 13-cent sheet of copper will produce Davis had collapsed entirely on hearing 130 cents. Mr. Flynn began investigating Mr. Flynn's testimony, had confessed this case the year he was made chief of his guilt, and had been allowed to turn the eastern division of the Service. He State's evidence, while the other members first obtained an assay of the copper in the of the most troublesome gang of counter- cent, and then he searched the country feiters that had ever menaced the Bank of from coast to coast until he found a dealer England had been sentenced to long terms in Connecticut who sold that very quality in prison.

of the metal. He examined the books of Mr. Flynn had kept Davis in mind. this dealer, who had 416 customers in He had ascertained who were his associates different parts of the country. With in this country, and he kept an eye on the help of his agents, Mr. Flynn canvassed them, anticipating that Davis would be the customers, and finally found one in unable permanently to wean himself Centre Street, New York, who sold sheet from the profitable occupation of counter- copper to a Hebrew peddler. Mr. Flynn feiting. As Davis was well known to the trailed the peddler with a load of copper English police, Mr. Flynn guessed that he on his pushcart to a room in Allen Street, would be as likely as not to set up his and breaking in a little later he found him next plant in the United States. In the industriously stamping out new and shiny fall of 1903, counterfeit ten-dollar bills one-cent pieces. Further investigation, were discovered to be in circulation in lasting more than a year, revealed another Massachusetts, and simultaneously Mr. one-cent plant in the mountains of PennsylFlynn's agents reported that Davis was in vania, and still another in Pittsburg. the country. Through his former asso- In the spring of 1906, while still awaiting ciates Davis was traced to Revere, a the chance to catch Lupo and Morello, suburb of Boston. A comfortable cottage Mr. Flynn learned that an order had come sheltered a small but well-equipped from Portland, Ore., to a New York counterfeiting plant. Evidence was machine shop for what is known in the gathered against every suspicious acquaint- trade as a “corrugated collar,” a tool that ance of Davis, and in December the place is used to mill the edges of coins, as well was raided. As the back door was broken as for other purposes. It seemed rather down a little man with a red beard a long distance to send for an article that rushed into the kitchen and right up might have been bought in Portland, and against the muzzle of Mr. Flynn's revolver. Mr. Flynn deemed it worth while to send

“Why, John Davis,” said Mr. Flynn, a man out there with it. His agent with a laugh, "you ought to be ashamed followed the person who claimed the of yourself.”

"collar” at the express office in Portland The little man began to whimper, and to a railroad station, and went with him told Mr. Flynn all his history since his trial about a hundred miles by train into the in London the previous year. Scotland interior, where a buckboard met him to Yard had sent him to Australia, with a take him to a ranch twenty miles from the warning not to return to England. The railroad. A week later a group of Secret lure of counterfeiting had drawn him to Service men visited the ranch and found America, as Mr. Flynn had foreseen. a counterfeiting plant that was turning His plant in Revere was ready to turn out out five-, ten-, and twenty-dollar gold a million dollars in counterfeit tens when pieces, with the result that Edward R. it was raided.

Cool and three other professional counterOne counterfeit mystery that Mr. Flynn feiters went to prison for long terms.

These and other cases had given Mr. crossing the bridge over the Hudson — for Flynn added experience and reputation, but the purchase of dies, inks, paper, and other the two Italians still remained at large. It materials that were shipped to the farm. was not until the summer of 1908 that On every one of these visits to the city there were indications of a revival of a Secret Service agent at the Poughkeepsie interest in spurious money in Little Sicily. railroad station made a note of their going The Secret Service "shadowsnow re- and coming, and another agent followed ported to Mr. Flynn that Morello and Lupo them from the Grand Central Station in had been called upon one evening by three New York and jotted down memoranda Italians named Cina, Silvestro, and of the shops and warehouses where purPalermo, who had been concerned in the chases were made. distribution of the “Morristown fives,” It was not until midwinter that the had been convicted therefor, and had counterfeiting plant was set up and in served their sentences. The next day Mr. running order, and then a man named Flynn's men told him that Silvestro and Antonio Cecela brought from New York Palermo had brought a fourth ex-convict, plates made by Callacchio for the printing named Callacchio, to the bandit chief. of five-, two-, and one-dollar bills. Before Callacchio was an engraver by trade. the plant was abandoned Comito had run The gang was going to take up counter- off his press $46,000 in bogus money, feiting again, as the presence of an en- $3,000 of it in fives and the rest in ones and graver would seem to indicate, and the twos. Cina, Palermo, Cecela, and a man bogus money was to be made in America, named Giglia were constantly at the farmnot in Italy.

house. They took away the spurious And now Mr. Flynn began the con- notes for circulation, invariably visiting struction of his biggest man-trap. A Morello and Lupo when they came to counterfeiting plant is not complete with- New York. The ruffians at the plant in out a printing press, which requires a Highland, all Sicilians, took an instinctive printer. It was only a day or two after dislike to Comito, the Calabrian. He was the conference of these members of the virtually a prisoner, not being allowed to old “Morristown fives" gang that, by a leave the house by himself, and probably strange coincidence, Cina was appealed he would have been killed when the counto in the street for assistance by a young terfeiters had no further use for him if Italian. He told Cina that he was a he had not escaped at the last moment. Calabrian in need of work; by name He had no opportunity of communicating Antonio Comito; by trade a printer. To with the outside world during the winter Cina's gratification, on questioning and spring, and a boy named Bernandino, Comito, he found that he knew all about a relative of Cina, was employed especially color printing, the texture of paper, and to watch him. the working of hand presses. (Whether C ina himself, as having discovered or not Mr. Flynn had anything to do with Comito, was more malevolent than the bringing about this strange coincidence others. “Dog, you have brought the no one but himself and Comito knows.) evil eye upon the house," he would shout

In September, Cina purchased a small at him when anything went wrong. “I farm about three miles from Highland, will have your head under my feet!” N. Y., a village on the Hudson, opposite Meanwhile, Mr. Flynn was waiting for Poughkeepsie, the farmhouse being half Morello and Lupo to visit the farm at a mile from the nearest neighbor. The Highland, that there might be no mistake young Calabrian, Comito, who was now about their connection with the counterboss printer, accompanied Cina and Cal- feiting plant. However, Lupo did not lacchio when they purchased a printing visit the workers at Highland until the press that was set up in the farmhouse, latter part of February. To have to and with them he made many trips back him into custody then would have and forth between Highland and New York tated the arrest of the others, an - traveling by way of Poughkeepsie and — whom most of all Mr. Flynn w

to "put away" — had not yet sufficiently cern when the trial began, even after implicated himself. When Morello finally they learned that Comito was to appear as did go to Highland, early in March, Lupo a witness against them. They were dewas on his way to Italy with a consign- fended by able lawyers, to whom they had ment of the counterfeits that he intended paid big fees. Morello and Lupo in to put into circulation there.

particular considered themselves perIt now became necessary to wait for fectly safe from conviction, not only beLupo to return from Italy, if Mr. Flynn's cause they knew that Comito's testimony purpose of “bagging” both the leaders of that they had been connected with the the counterfeiting gang was to be carried plant at Highland would be controverted out. If he had arrested Morello and the by all the others who had been there with others, Lupo would probably not have him, but because each of the bandit chiefs come back at all, and so Mr. Flynn decided had prepared himself with the testimony to wait for him.

of a physician that he had been ill in bed During the winter and spring certain on the day that Comito would swear that Secret Service agents, who did not know he had been at Highland. Both had that the plant where the counterfeits found that sort of evidence effective in were being made was under surveillance similar circumstances before. by other Secret Service men, were arrest. But this time Mr. Flynn was ready for ing the passers of the spurious money in them with counter alibis. He had had New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore, and their family doctors, both Italians living in even Buffalo and Cincinnati, and more the Italian settlements, shadowed by his than twenty of them were convicted. The agents during the entire period of his risk of distribution reduced the price of watch on the counterfeiters themselves. counterfeits below a margin of profit, and Consequently, the Secret Service men in the latter part of May it was decided were able to show not only that neither to shut down the plant at Highland. of these physicians had visited Morello Comito escaped the night before this was or Lupo on the days they professed to be done, and his associates in the farmhouse ill, but also just what the movements of did not see him again until they met in the men of medicine had been on those the Federal Court.

particular days. Corroboration of this It was a long wait for Lupo, but Mr. evidence came from an unexpected source. Flynn believed that it was worth while Gen. Theodore A. Bingham, who was to hold out for his return before arresting police commissioner during this period and Morello and the others, who meantime was endeavoring to break up the gangs were kept under the closest scrutiny. Not under Morello and Lupo, had had his own until January of the next year, 1910, was detectives trailing those undesirable aliens Lupo discovered by the Secret Service for several weeks covering the time they agents to be in New York. He had prob- claimed to have been ill in their beds. ably returned by way of Canada or Mexico, The reports of these detectives, taken for all seaports of the United States had from the files at police headquarters, been watched for him. On January 9th, showed that Morello and Lupo had left Mr. Flynn triumphantly sprung his trap, New York from the Grand Central Stawhich contained Morello, Lupo, Callacchio, tion for Poughkeepsie on the same days Silvestro, Cina, Giglio, Palermo, and that Comito had previously testified they Cecela, with eight subordinates who had had visited the counterfeiting plant at been concerned only with the passing of Highland. the counterfeit money.

Mr. Flynn was further prepared to conIn February the eight principals were vict the entire gang of counterfeiters on tried together before Judge Ray and a other testimony than that of his own men or jury in the Federal District Court. En- of Comito. To this end not only did the tirely unaware of the extent of the evi- Secret Service men at the Grand Central dence in the possession of the Secret Station and at the station at Poughkeepsie Service, none of them felt any great con- corroborate Comito as to the visit of Morello to Highland, but the conductor as the men who had come with Comito and brakemen on the trains coming and to purchase the printing press, the paper, going, the ticket agent and a newsboy at dies, inks, and all the other material used Poughkeepsie, the livery stable man who at the Highland plant. Express and drove him from the village to the farm, freight agents testified to delivering these the letter carrier on the country road, and articles to different members of the counterthe proprietor and clerks of the drug store feiting gang, whom they pointed out to in Poughkeepsie where he used the tele- the jury. Silvestro, Giglio, Palermo and phone, came to court and swore positively Cecela, as well as Cina and Callacchio, that they had seen the maimed Sicilian were identified as having frequently going to or coming from the counterfeiting traveled between New York and the farm plant on the day in question. As many at Highland by a veritable cloud of witnesses testified to having seen Lupo witnesses — railroad conductors, trainon the day he had visited Highland, and men, newsboys, village tradesmen, farmers, additional evidence against him was found school children. In all, about three hunin letters, which experts proved to be in his dred witnesses against the counterfeiters handwriting, that he had sent to Comito were heard. The trial lasted three weeks, at the farm on counterfeiting business. and it ended in the conviction of the eight

The evidence against the other six prisoners and their sentence to a total of principals was as overwhelming. Mr. 150 years' imprisonment. So far as they Flynn had in court merchants and their were concerned, the new broom had clerks who identified Cina and Callacchio swept clean.






YOU now have Shakespeare Thomas A. Edison has said, “I mean to

reeled off a spool and human try to do away with school books;" Prolife taught at the end of a fessor Münsterberg, of Harvard, has incrank. You travel over vented a cinematographic nerve test; the

land and sea without leaving United States Government is using picyour seat and see the great personages tures to show its officers and congressional of the world perform their mighty deeds. committees the status of affairs in Panama, We unconsciously derive knowledge of the Philippines, and Alaska; Congress has life and the world which makes a dif- before it a bill to appropriate a large sum ference in our entire viewpoint."

for moving pictures in the Washington So said the Rev. Herbert Jump, of City schools; Beerbohm Tree, the most Oakland, Cal., in a recent lecture at famous of English actors, has said, "I the C'niversity of California. The aver- have no doubt the moving picture will be age intelligent American does not at all one of the most important aids to educacomprehend the significance of this new tion.” The state of Texas recently bought and powerful agency in education. Mr. a large number of projecting machines to

be used throughout its school system; such the people the menace of dirty dairies and cities as New York, Chicago, Cleveland, of the disease-carrying fly, the proper care and Detroit make frequent use of motion of the baby, and other things that will aid pictures to instruct their children.

people to become healthy. The Vermont All this means a revolution in ped- State Board of Health has procured a agogy. It means vividness where vague- machine that possesses its own electric ness has reigned before. It means a true generator, so that the inhabitants not visualization and realization of life where only of the city but of the country may hitherto only an indefinite printed des- see vividly the dangers of tuberculosis. cription of it was acquired. As the Rev. Chairman George P. Fraser, of the Detroit Robert Burdette recently said: “The pic- Public Health League, recently declared ture show is the hand-maiden of education. that the message of public hygiene must It is difficult to estimate its true value. be carried throughout his state by means It is a great teacher.” Members of of the motion picture. The street railway the Académie Française, in reply to a authorities of Düsseldorf and Vienna, to question from the Paris Figaro, recently avoid further accidents, are teaching by declared themselves in favor of this living this modern method the correct and the photography in the schools of France. incorrect ways of entering and leaving The Prussian authorities last winter used cars. “The anti-fly, pure milk, antimotion pictures in one of the most advan- drunkenness, and social justice films are ced educational systems in the world – the most powerful teachers in the country. the schools of Berlin. And the faculty. In overwhelming majority the film dramas of the University of Rochester recently encourage goodness and kindness, virtue introduced a four-year course in the art and courage,” one authority says. and science of cinematography. By means The medical profession is awake to the of this speechless pedagogue the American possibilities of this new means of instructpeople have probably learned more during ing and illustrating. At a recent meeting the last five years about the development of three hundred visiting physicians at of American social life and about the phy- Mercy Hospital, Denver, a motion picture, sical, industrial, and social geography of obtained with the aid of the X-ray, showed the world than during any previous quarter all the processes of digestion and an operaof a century.

tion for grafting a healthy bone into an Far more important, however, is its arm from which a diseased bone had been use in teaching people how to combat taken. At the third annual session of the disease and death. The United States is Clinical Congress of Surgeons, in New York saving millions of dollars' worth of workers City, Dr. Lewis Gregory Cole astonished annually because the motion picture is his fellow workers with a motion picture of teaching them how to live. The National the serial radiography of the stomach, in Association for the Study and Prevention which he exhibited by aid of the X-ray of Tuberculosis is using a film to illustrate all the stages of digestion, or rather of the ravages of the white plague and the indigestion, from the moment food entered methods by which they can be stopped. a diseased stomach — a series of pictures The Dental Society, of Youngstown, is which will aid greatly hereafter in the teaching the children, free of charge, the study of w.cerated stomachs and intestines. principles of oral hygiene. The Uni- Dr. T. H. Welsenburg, professor of Clinical versity of Minnesota, through its exten- Neurology in the Philadelphia Medico sion work, is showing thousands of farmers Chirurgical College, uses twenty-five thouhow to handle cream and butter, how to sand feet of motion pictures in his teaching make the Babcock test, how to mix cattle or lecturing to illustrate nervous and menfeed, and how to cook a wholesome meal. tal diseases. It is evident, therefore, that The Mississippi Federation of Woman's in the battle against human disease and Clubs, in coöperation with the State Board death the motion picture is going to play of Health, is sending motion pictures an astonishing part. over swamp, valley, and hill to explain to The usefulness of motion pictures in

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