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Copyright by the Department of Enlisted Specialists, C. A. S. THE SMOKE RING COMPLETELY OBSCURING THE PROJECTILE open for the fraction of a second necessary eight feet long. This was because the to record the flight of the projectile. By exposure was zo oo of a second, and during regulating the current and the speed of that time the shell traveled far enough the electric motor it has been found possible to appear on the negative as twice its to catch shells just as they leave the mouth actual length. When the exposure was of the gun, suspended in mid-air, or as reduced to doo, however, the impression they strike the target. In the latter case of the shell was found to be clear, distinct, the screen which regulates the shutter and in exact proportion. is placed in front of the target instead of Captain Behr made a number of his inside the gun itself.

most important experiments with mortars, Captain Behr was forced to spend many the mainstay of the Coast Artillery Serymonths and thousands of dollars before ice. Before finishing its plans for the he finally perfected his device for photo- fortification of the Panama Canal the graphing shells in flight. The first photo- authorities of the War Department degraphs showed the projectile to be about sired to obtain more accurate knowledge

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of the working of this integral part of the covered and will be remedied in all the new coast defenses. The dean of the army models as they are manufactured. photographers was therefore chosen to The formation of the deadly "smoke carry on the experiments, and he dis- ring" which immediately follows the covered many things formerly unknown, issuance of the projectile was also acsecrets which will be extremely useful in curately depicted by the Behr camera any future war in which the United The phenomenon of the smoke ring is one States may participate.

of the most peculiar connected with the With this unique camera Captain Behr mortars.

mortars. Almost before the shell appears succeeded in getting views of mortar the ring of gaseous smoke can be seen. shells in all positions, up to the time when obscuring the muzzle of the gun and rising they ceased their upward flight and started rapidly upward. Gunners claim that this to descend. By a close inspection of smoke ring is rendered as hard as steel by these views a number of faults in con- reason of its centrifugal velocity, and the nection with the mortars have been dis story is told at Fortress Monroe of a luck


Copyright by the Department of Enlisted Specialists, C. A. S. AS THE SMOKE RING IS USUALLY SEEN BY THE EYE

less seagull which flew into a “ring" sev- solve the problem of why an armoreral hundred feet in the air and, stripped of piercing projectile with the hardest possible its feathers, was cast down upon the mor- “nose,” or point, will not itself penetrate tar, killed by the friction of the gas. armor. It must be "capped" with steel

Recent developments in photography of the softest nature. This fact has been have opened up a field of experimentation known for years. Its explanation is as to army and navy officials in the science yet undiscovered. of ordnance which has previously been in Army officials expect to see, through the complete darkness. The problem next

The problem next eye of the new camera, many things which to be attacked is: “What does a twelve- have previously defied explanation. Thirty inch shell do when it strikes armor? How feet away from the armor plate the camera does the steel act during the instant of will show with absolute precision what the penetration and what happens to the shell modern high-power shell does when it just after it explodes?”

plows its way through Harveyized steel. The answers to these questions may From negatives showing pieces of a shell


Copyright by the Department of Enlisted Specialists, C.A.S. THE PROJECTILE TRAVELING AT THE RATE OF 800 MILES AN HOUR

one five-thousandth of a second after it are perhaps on the verge of solution has burst, scientists may discover a way through the medium of a wonderful to make steel stronger by remedying un- camera which operates so rapidly that known defects in the modern hardening there is no motion of a tangible object and tempering processes.

which cannot be recorded on the highly It is understood that a shell is heated sensitized plates. red-hot by the friction of the air and that The study of these problems has hitherit is at an even higher temperature when to been based altogether upon theory and crashing through armor plate. The ques

The ques- upon costly experiments that at best could tion of whether a projectile enters the never be conclusive because the elements in target whirling rapidly c. if it has lost its the calculations could be observed only at rotary motion in its flight is also of first rest — before the shot was fired and after importance to the manufacturers of armor the shell had struck. Photography has plate and of the shells to pierce it.

now brought to view at least the beginning All these problems and as many more and the end of flight of the projectile.

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ORE than forty years ago a Mawr College, would probably be the last little girl prayed God to re- person on earth to admit the truth of this move her from an unjust world commendation. Her mind is so busy if it were really true that girls accomplishing feats that it has no time

were so constituted as to be left in which to admire itself. In fact, unable to master Greek and go to college she would give you the impression that and understand things. She had heard Bryn Mawr has, by some mysterious prothat this was true; and, inasmuch as she cess, worked its own way to the position wanted nothing in the world so much as in which it stands to-day, as if she had education, she preferred not to live with- had nothing to do with blazing the trail. out it. To-day she is president of one of And yet, if ever an institution reflected the most remarkable of women's colleges, the spirit of its leader, this college does. a college which is what it is because of The passion for learning which inspired what Dr. Horace Howard Furness has the little girl's prayers, and has burned called her “master-mistress mind."

at white heat through a half century, and President M. Carey Thomas, of Bryn the innate democracy of the woman, are

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