Journal of Educational Psychology

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American Psychological Association, 1915

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Strana 4 - No. 5. Once upon a time, there lived a very rich man, and a king besides, whose name was Midas; and he had a little daughter, whom nobody but myself ever heard of, and whose name I either never
Strana 70 - Psychology, as the behaviorist views it. is a purely objective, experimental branch of natural science which needs introspection as little as do the sciences of chemistry and physics.
Strana 640 - in my catechism of geography but perhaps it's rather too long to tell before tea." "Yes, my home is pretty, and I'm very fond of the river where we go fishing; but I'm often very unhappy. I should have liked to bring my books with me, but I came away in a hurry, you know. But I can tell you almost everything there
Strana 195 - in a way not to run counter to the creeds of Protestant, Roman Catholic or Jew. Notice of intention to file an essay must be given the secretary of the Association by April 1, 1915. Essays will be limited to ten thousand words, and must be in the possession of the secretary by June 1,
Strana 639 - 1. When thou goest forth by day my bullet shall whistle past thee when thou liest down by night my knife is at thy throat. 2. Oh come you'd better. 3. The President bowed then Hughes began to speak. Step
Strana 632 - 2. Send (whoever; whomever) will do the work. 4. You (will; shall) not stir; I forbid it. 3. (Who; whom) do you mean? Step 10 1. I intended (to answer; to have answered). 2. I met many people there whom I had seen before (but did not know their names; whose names I did not know).
Strana 293 - Stimulus. table dark music sickness man deep soft eating mountain house black mutton comfort hand short fruit butterfly smooth command chair sweet whistle woman cold slow wish river white beautiful window rough citizen foot spider needle red sleep anger carpet girl high working sour earth trouble soldier cabbage hard eagle stomach
Strana 640 - in my books, I've read them so many times, and that will amuse you. And I can tell you something about geography, too—that's about the world we live in—very useful and interesting."
Strana 585 - received in large numbers by the Bureau of Educational Measurements and Standards of the Kansas State Normal School at Emporia. Over seventy-five applications have been made in the last six months. The tests comprise reading, writing, arithmetic, spelling, drawing, composition, and vocabulary
Strana 6 - a gulf, not merely imaginary, but real, between us and our homes— a gulf subject to tempest, and fear, and uncertainty, rendering distance palpable, and return precarious. The

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