Down South, Or, An Englishman's Experience at the Seat of the American War, Svazek 1

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Hurst and Blackett, 1862

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Strana 201 - excite a belief that there is a real difference of local interests and views," etc. This advice, however welltimed and necessary, was disregarded by the minority, who, owing to party divisions, elected the present
Strana 10 - our different parties make us fight so shy, I ne'er mistake you for a personal foe : Our difference is political, and I Trust that whatever may occur, You know my great respect for you, and this Makes me regret whatever you do amiss." T was desirous of proceeding to
Strana 230 - We, the Deputies of the sovereign and independent States of South Carolina," etc. The new Constitution reverentially invokes the Divine favour; while, in the old, the existence of a Supreme Being appears to have been either ignored or overlooked. Contrary to the expectation of the majority of Northern people, who persistently maintained PROVISIONS
Strana 61 - These Major Mayo offered to lay out into lots, without fee or reward. The truth of it is, these two places being the uppermost landing of James and Appomattox Rivers, are naturally intended for marts, where the traffic of the outer inhabitants must centre. Thus we did not build castles only, but also cities in the air
Strana 265 - Maryland, Kentucky, or Missouri, or of the district of Columbia, or the territories of New Mexico, Arizona, or the Indian territory south of Kansas, except such of said citizens or residents as shall commit actual hostilities against the Confederate States, or aid and abet the United States in the existing war against the Confederate States.
Strana 144 - Science, to you I have long bid a last and a careless adieu : Still flying from Nature to study her laws, And dulling delight by exploring its cause, You forget how superior for mortals below Is the fiction they dream to the truth that they know. Oh ! who that has e'er enjoyed rapture complete Would ask how we feel it, or why it is sweet; TOM
Strana 59 - in her humour On the next day, after I had swallowed a few poached eggs, we rode down to the mouth of the canal, and from thence crossed over to the broad-rock island in a canoe. Our errand was to view some iron ore, which we
Strana 58 - cities in the air" :— "September 18th (1732), for the pleasure of the good company of Mrs. Byrd and her little governor, my son, I went about halfway to the Falls in
Strana 55 - Rise, then, brothers, do not doubt me, I can feel his presence now, Feel his promises about me, Like a helmit on my brow. We must conquer, we must slaughter ! We are God's rod, and his ire Wills their blood shall flow like water, In Jehovah's dread name—Fire!
Strana 63 - suits, but of liberal education, liberal habits of thinking and acting, and possessing both leisure and inclination to cultivate those feelings and pursue those objects which exalt our nature rather than increase our fortune.

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