Observations on Man, His Frame, His Duty, and His Expectations, Svazek 2

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J. Johnson, 1801

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Strana 438 - Then," in the full sense of the words (Rev. xi. 15), " shall the kingdoms of this world become the kingdoms of our LORD, and of his CHRIST, and he shall reign for ever and ever.
Strana 73 - Chronicles are extracts from the records of the succeeding prophets concerning their own times, and from the public genealogical tables, made by Ezra; that the books of Ezra and Nehemiah are collections of like records...
Strana 73 - Or, if there be any doubts, they are merely of a critical nature, and do not at all affect the genuinenefs of the books, nor alter the application of thefe arguments, or not materially. Thus, if the Epiftle to the Hebrews be fu'ppofed written, not by St. Paul, but by Clement or Barnabas, - or any other of their cotemporaries, the evidence therein...
Strana 75 - ... to be accounted for, unlefs we allow, that he did really work miracles. And the fame obfervations hold in general of the other parts of the fcripture hiftory.
Strana 76 - ... always be confiderable from the very frame of the human mind, and would be particularly fo amongft the Jews at the time of Chrift's appearance, as they had . then been without miracles for four hundred years, or more.
Strana 116 - Babylonijb captivity, as foon as they were deprived of the aflift-- ance of prophets, became moft inaccurate in their methods of keeping time, there being nothing more erroneous than the accounts of...
Strana 368 - But there are many prophecies, which declare the fall of the ecclesiastical powers of the Christian world. And though each church seems to flatter itself with the hopes of being exempted ; yet it is very plain, that the prophetical characters belong to all. They have all left the true, pure, simple religion ; and teach for doctrines the commandments of men.
Strana 246 - ... that is, let him, with a pious confidence, seek for benevolent purposes, and he will be always directed to the right road, and after a due continuance in it, attain to some new and valuable truth ; whereas, every other principle and motive of examination being foreign to the great plan on which the universe is constructed, must lead into endless...
Strana 439 - All these things have evident mutual connexions and influences; and as they all seem likely to increase from time to time, so it can scarce be doubted by a considerate man, whether he be a religious one or no, but that they will, sooner or later, bring on a total dissolution of all the forms of government that subsist at present in the Christian countries of Europe.
Strana 255 - When the pursuit of truth is directed by this higher rule, and entered upon with a view to the glory of God, and the good of mankind, there is no employment more worthy of our natures, or more conducive to their purification and perfection.

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