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Dr. C. BRADFORD.........

Seventh Ward.
Dr. G. E. MORGAN..........

Eighth Ward.
Dr. J. MORRIS.........

...Ninth Ward.
Dr. W. H. DAVIS...........

Tenth Ward.
Dr. CHAS. O'DONOVAN, Eleventh Ward.

Twelfth Ward.

Thirteenth Ward.
Dr. J. GILMAN.........

Fourteenth Ward.
Dr. D. McKEW.........

Fifteenth Ward.
Dr. J. ADDISON..........

Sixteenth Ward.
Dr. W. B. CRANE......

Seventeenth Ward.
Dr. H. P. C. WILSON,

Eighteenth Ward.
Dr. W. H. CLENDINEN ..........

Nineteenth Ward.
Dr. M. JOHNS,...

Truentieth Ward.


County censors the same as last year.

Dr. Donaldson stated that there was no report from the Board of Examiner's.

Dr. Donaldson moved that his resolution be now taken up, which on motion was adopted, and the following committee on the registration law was appointed :

Drs. Donaldson, Morris, Yeates, Johnston and Bordley.

Dr. Johns from the committee on appropriation to the library read the following report:

JUNE 7th, 1855. The committee to whom was referred the subject of the annual appropriation to the libray, beg leave to present for the consideration of the Faculty, the recommendations embodied in the following resolutions :

1. Resolved, that one hundred dollars be appropriated for the safe keeping of the library, and a sum not to exceed fifty dollars for subscription to the journals.

2. Resolved, that if for this sum of one hundred dollars, the services of the librarian of the Mercantile Library Association, as well as the occupancy of the rooms cannot be obtained, that the library be removed elsewhere.

3. Resolved, that the library committee be instructed to correspond with the President of the Mercantile Library Association, upon this subject.

4. Resolved, that is the two objects of a librarian's services, and the use of the shelves at the present rooms cannot be obtained, that the library directors be empowered to remove the books elsewhere, as soon as these two objects can be properly secured. All of which is respectfully submitted,


The report, on motion, was laid upon the table.

Dr. Crane offered the following resolutions, which, on motion, were adopted :

Resolved, that this publication of the reports and proceedings of this Faculty, be made under the style and title of Transactions of the Medical and Surgical Faculty of Maryland.”

Resolved, that the transactions thus published be exposed for sale under the direction of the committee on publication, to members of this Faculty and others in the city of Baltimore, (each member of this Faculty in the counties being furnished a copy gratis,) at a price not less than fifty cents per volume, and that the proceeds of such sale be appropriated to the increase and safe keeping of the library, and further, that so much of the resolution of last year, authorizing the publication of the transactions of the society as conflicts with this resolution be and is liereby repealed.

Dr. Miltenberger moved that the President be allowed to suit his convenience in appointing the standing commitees for the ensuing year. Adopted.

Dr. Hintze offered the following resolution, which on motion was adopted :

Resolved, that hereafter in addition to the reports of the standing committees, volunteer essays be received from members and read, which essays shall be submitted to the executive committee, who, if they shall deem it expedient may have the same published with the annual transactions.

Dr. McKew offered the following resolutions, which were lost:

Resolved, that as the use of the library is principally confined to the city members, that a tax of one dollar per annum be levied on each city member.

Resolved, that no city member be allowed the use of the library without paying the tax.

Dr. Geo. C. M. Roberts offered to the society the free use of his Hall for the library, with the understanding, that a librarian be appointed and the sum now applied for the keeping of the library, be expended in its enlargement.

Dr. McKew moved that Dr. Roberts' offer be accepted, with the thanks of the Faculty. Adopted.

On motion of Dr. Morris the convention adjourned sine die.


Recording Secretary.

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