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There is a regulation of the library that no journal shall be taken out until bound, and this resolution was printed and pasted upon most of the journals, notwithstanding which, your committee can form no idea where the missing journals are. Until September 15th, all the journals as they came from the agents, were left at Dr. David Stewart's office, and by him taken to the library. After that date those coming from Mr. Waters were left at the office of W. E. Van Bibber, and by him deposited in the library. Hence it will be seen, since June the 7th, 1854, the election of the present board there are but two journals missing, to wit: Oct. Weekly Gazette Medicale de Paris, and Nov. No. of American Journal of Pharmacy. I myself can testify to placing both these in the library.

Your committee would suggest to the society, the propriety of requesting their successors to procure the lost numbers when it is possible, and having the present loose journals bound in a corresponding manner to those already on the shelves of the library.

Although the existing state of the library is not without estimable features to some of the members of the society ; under the present circumstances your committee could make no suggestions to meet the objections advanced.

The want of any means at their disposal has prevented them from adding a single volume to the library, which they regret, yet the reports of the standing committees have been added to it in a tangible form.

On motion, the report was accepted.

The executive committee next reported through their chairman, Dr. MONMONIER, and on motion the report was accepted : To the Medical and Chirurgical

Faculty of Maryland : The executive committee report, that during the past year they have held frequent meetings, but it is to be regretted that there was a lack of interest in the affairs of the faculty manifested by some of the members.

The following is a statement of their proceedings for the year, viz :

Dr. Washington Handy, one of the board of examiners for the Western shore, having resigned, the vacancy was filled by the appointment of Dr. Chas. Frick.

Dr. H. P. C. Wilson was appointed assistant recording secretary in place of Dr. Wm. J. Wroth, resigned.

They appointed Dr. Wm. H. Medcalfe corresponding secretary, in place of Dr. Jas. Bordley, resigned.

A place of meeting was selected for the faculty for its adjourned session held in September last, and arrangements were made for the delivery of the annual oration at that time by Dr. John Morris, whose illness prevented him from attending to the duty at the June session of the convention. A hall was also obtained for the June


Agreeably to a resolution of the faculty they have had published and distributed five hundred copies of the proceedings of the annual convention held in June, and the special session held in September, together with the reports of committees, at a cost of $97.

In consequence of a recent act of congress requiring all postage to be prepaid, an expense of $ 10.46 was incurred for the distribuition of the copies of the proceedings.

The delegates to the National Medical convention were appointed by the committee, their names published and their credentials forwarded to them.

The comınittee regret to be compelled to state, that they were unable to procure an orator for the annual meeting of the convention. Several suitable nominations were made, but all declined.

Some inconvenience was caused to the committee in consequence of the incorrectness of the list of living members of the faculty, they therefore recommend that a correct list be prepared and published. The funds of the faculty would not justify the expenditure during the past year.

Some difficulty having occurred in obtaining the names of the officers and new members for publication, and also in reference to the distribution of the printed reports and proceedings of the faculty and the notification of the delegates to the convention of the American Medical Association, your committee deem it desirable, that the faculty designate the officers upon whom these duties properly devolve.

A note was received from PRUDENCIO DE MURQUIENDO, Consul of the Republic of Uruguay, requesting an exchange on the part of this faculty of copies of transactions with the “Montevidean Junta ;' your committee appreciating the kind intentions that


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prompted this action, and believing that benefits and advantages profitable to both societies would result from the adoption of the measúre, accepted the proposition, and have transmitted copies of the reports to the Montevidean society, and expect shortly to receive some valuable papers in return, which they recommend should be placed in the library of the faculty.

The committee have reason to believe that the publication of the transactions of the faculty has exercised a beneficial influence among the members at large, and also upon members of committees by promoting a zealous interest in the prosperity of the faculty, and arousing in the latter a warmer desire to furnish the faculty with the result of their labors in special departments.

Respectfully submitted,


Committee. H. P. C. WILSON,

Sec. Ex. Com.

The chair next called upon the standing committees in order-whereupon Dr. Crane offered the following resolution, which was adopted :

Resolved, that the reports of the standing committees be made the special order of business for to-morrow, at such hour as the convention may determine to assemble.

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Dr. Bordley offered the following resolution :

Resolved, that the convention of the Medical and Chirurgical Faculty of Maryland shall meet at 12 M. and continue in session until 3 P. M.

Which resolution, on a division, was carried.

The Treasurer then submitted his report, which on motion was accepted:

The treasurer of the Medical and Chirurgical Faculty of Maryland, submits his annual report, agreeably to the law of the faculty. His account book herewith submitted, will show the various items of expenditures and receipts during the year :


The whole amount received during this period, to

gether with the balance in the treasury at the last

annual convention, is.... The expenditures for the same period..... $514 02 Leaving due the Treasurer,.

$511 591

$2 421

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In March of last year, the Farmers Bank of Maryland, at Annapolis, in which institution the faculty owns five shares of stock, gave public notice of a reduction of their capital two-fifths, thereby returning on each share the sum of twenty dollars. The old certificates of stock were required to be transmitted to the bank before this sum could be returned, as these certificates had been long lost, or at least had never been in the possession of the treasurer, it was necessary to give the usual bond of indemnity before new certificates would be issued. Such bond, signed by the president and secretary was given, and the new certificates were received by the

These were made out in the names of the former presidents of the faculty-one share in that of Dr. Thomas, president, and four shares in the name of Dr. Wilkins, president. The executor of Dr. Wilkins, and administrator de bonis non of Dr. Thomas, executed the proper papers, and the shares were duly transferred to the faculty agreeably to the resolution of the last convention, and now stand in the name of the 6 Medical and Chirurgical Faculty of Maryland.”

The sum received upon this stock amounting to one hundred dollars, I deemed it proper to continue as a portion of our capital, and agreeably to Art., viz: of the By-Laws, "in connection with the president and secretary,” invested the same in city six per cent. stock.

It may

be well to state for the information of the convention, that the stocks of the faculty consist of:




City of Baltimore 6 per cent. stock of 1870,.

$1000 of 1890,..

100 Five shares of Farmer's Bank of Md., at $30 parg.

150 Twenty-nine shares of stock, Union Bank of Md., at $75 par, 2175

Par value, ..

- $3425

The treasurer asks for the appointment of a committee, as is nal, to examine into his accounts and to credit the same.

All which, is respectfully submitted,

JOSHUA I. COHEN, M. D., Treas'r.

Med. and Chirurg., Fac. of Md. BALTIMORE, June 6, 1855.

The President, at the request of the Treasurer, appointed a committee, consisting of Drs. BORDLEY, DAVID STEWART and Van BIBBER, to audit the Treasurer's report.

The Corresponding Secretary made the following report:

The corresponding secretary reports, that during the year he has been called upon to assist in the distribution of the proceedings of the last faculty meeting, which was all the business presented.

Very respectfully,

Cor. Sec'ry.

Which report, on motion, was accepted.

Dr. Roberts stated that owing to the want of funds, the committee in regard to the chartered rights, &c. of the faculty, had been unable to procure legal advice.

Dr. McKew offered the following resolution :

Resolved, that a committee be appointed by the chair, of one member from the city, and one from each county represented in the meeting, to nominate officers for the ensuing year and to report to-morrow morning.


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