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366. Inconsistencies in LoveThoughts

Translation of a Lapland Love-song

- on a Chambermaid's Perquisites.. ST LLLE
367. Various Advantages of the Spectators

-Paper-Printing ** .... ADDISON
368. Account of the Death of Madame de
Villacerle ........

**..... STELLE
3ca: Cvijimin on Paradise Lost

370: 01ibestige Daiictog recommended STELLE
371. Hamaroing wäy-of-wortling Companies

Bir Mile-Toi:uxful Purposes.... ADDISON
372.- Luers in Coninisidation of Powell,

the Bupathowinan--Club of the

Pariwti Clerk Lawyer's Club
373. On Modesty and Asurance ............... BUDGELL
374. On the proper Use of Time, Frag.
ments from Caruar

• . .•........ STELLE
375. Ilistory of Amanda.

11071... HUGHLA
376. Letters, on a Partnership between a

Goose and a Watchman; from a

Schoolmistress on Dancing
377. Bill of Mortality of Lovers ....

•••••••••••••• ADDISON
378. The Messiah, a sacred Eclogue......... POPE
379. Duty of communicating Knowledge

Objections answered Rosicrucius'

............. BUDGELL
380. Latters, requesting Advice in a Case of

Love on improper Behaviour at
Church coquettish Milk-maid.
Virtue of an Orange Girl-St. Bride's


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N° 311. TUESDAY, FEB. 26, 1711-12.

Nec Veneris pharetris macer est, aut lampade fervet :
Inde faces ardent, veniunt à dote sagittæ.

JUV. Sat. vi. 137.
He sighs, adores, and courts her ev'ry hour :
Who wou'd not do as much for such a dower?



Am amazed that, among all the variety of characters with which you have enriched your speculations, you have never given us a picture of those audacious young fellows among us who commonly go by the name of the fortune-stealers. You must know, sir, I am one who live in a continual

apprehension of this sort of people, that lie in wait, day and night, for our children, and may be considered as a kind of kidnappers within the law. I am the father of a young heiress, whom I begin to look upon as marriageable, and who has looked upon herself as such for above these six years. She is now in the eighteenth year

The fortune-hunters have already cast their eyes upon


of her age.


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