Giuseppe Mazzini and the Globalization of Democratic Nationalism, 1830-1920

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C. A. Bayly, E. F. Biagini
OUP/British Academy, 11. 9. 2008 - Počet stran: 432
Giuseppe Mazzini - Italian patriot, humanist, and republican - was one of the most celebrated and revered political activists and thinkers of the nineteenth century. This volume is the first to compare and contrast the perception of his thought and the transformation of his image across the world. Mazzini's contribution to the Italian Risorgimento was unparalleled; he stood for a 'religion of humanity'; he argued against tyranny, and for universal education, a democratic franchise and the liberation of women. The papers in this volume reflect the range of Mazzini's political thought, discussing his vision of international relations, his concept of the nation and the role of arts in politics. And they detail how his writings and reputation influenced nations and leaders across Europe, the Americas, and India. Linking the study of political history to the history of art, literature and religion, this volume is essential reading for all those interested in modern nationalism and the history of democracy.

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