History and Memory

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Columbia University Press, 1992 - Počet stran: 265
"In this brilliant meditation on the varying conceptions of history, Jacques Le Goff, one of the leading members of the French "Annales" school, examines the oppositions between past and present, ancient and modern as well as the various continuities in the evolutions of the historical spirit." "Clearly written, broad-ranging, and richly allusive, History and Memory is a provocative book that will inspire a better understanding of historical work and provide an overview of the "new history" that has revolutionized historical studies over the post half century. Le Goff has written a new preface for the English language edition, which examines recent trends in historiography."--Jacket.

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O autorovi (1992)

Jaques Le Goff is the Director of Studies and the Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales in Paris. Among his other books are Time, Work, and Culture in the Middle Ages and Constructing the Past: Essays in Historical Methodology.

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