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Strana 387 - Progressive Medicine: A Quarterly Digest of Advances, Discoveries and Improvements in the Medical and Surgical Sciences. Edited by Hobart Amory Hare, MD, Professor of Therapeutics and Materia Medica in the Jefferson Medical College of Philadelphia; Physician to the Jefferson Medical College Hospital, etc. Volume I. March, 1899. Surgery of the Head, Neck and Chest...
Strana 240 - One song employs all nations ; and all cry, " Worthy the Lamb, for he was slain for us !" The dwellers in the vales and on the rocks Shout to each other, and the mountain tops From distant mountains catch the flying joy ; Till, nation after nation taught the strain, Earth rolls the rapturous hosanna round.
Strana 627 - Diseases of the Thorax and Its Viscera, Including the Heart, Lungs and Blood Vessels," by William Ewart; "Dermatology and Syphilis," by William S. Gottheil; "Diseases of the Nervous System,
Strana 689 - EXCELLENT and very effective means of conveying to the innermost recesses and folds of the mucous membranes, that mild and efficient mineral antiseptic, boracic acid, which it holds in perfect solution; and whilst there is no possibility of poisonous effect through the absorption of LISTERINE, its power to neutralize the products of putrefaction (thus preventing septic absorption) has been most satisfactorily determined.
Strana 137 - Each essay must be typewritten, distinguished by a motto, and accompanied by a sealed envelope bearing the same motto and containing the name and address of the writer. No envelope will be opened except that which accompanies the successful essay. The committee will return the unsuccessful essays if reclaimed by their respective writers, or their agents, within one year. The committee reserves the right not to make an award if no essay submitted is considered worthy of the prize.
Strana 543 - The Association of Medical Officers of the Army and Navy of the Confederacy will convene in Memphis, Tenn., May 28-30, 1901, during the meeting of the Confederate reunion.
Strana 54 - LAMBERT'S LITHIATED HYDRANGEA has been found to possess great therapeutic value, it is of the highest importance that suitable diet be employed, we have had prepared for the convenience of physicians, DIETETIC NOTES, suggesting the articles of food to be allowed or prohibited in several of these diseases. A...
Strana 676 - Biliousness" is a forcible illustration of the formation and the absorption of poisons, due largely to an excessive proteid diet. The nervous symptoms of the dyspeptic are often but the physiological demonstrations of putrefactive alkaloids. Appreciating the importance of the command, "Keep the bowels open...
Strana 689 - LAMBERT'S LITHIATED HYDRANGEA A remedy of acknowledged value in the treatment of all diseases of the urinary system and of especial utility in the train of evil effects arising from a uric acid diathesis. A pamphlet of "Clippings" of editorials on this subject may be had by addressing: LAMBERT PHARMACAL CO., ST.

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