Introduction to the Study of the Dependent, Defective, and Delinquent Classes: And of Their Social Treatment

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D. C. Heath & Company, 1901 - Počet stran: 397

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Strana 347 - Th' eternal step of Progress beats To that great anthem, calm and slow, Which God repeats. Take heart! — the Waster builds again, — A charmed life old Goodness hath; The tares may perish, — but the grain Is not for death. God works in all things; all obey His first propulsion from the night: Wake thou and watch! — the world is gray With morning light 1 THE PRISONER FOR DEBT LOOK on him!
Strana 2 - Masses indeed : and yet, singular to say, if, with an effort of imagination, thou follow them, over broad France, into their clay hovels, into their garrets and hutches, the masses consist all of units. Every unit of whom has his own heart and sorrows ; stands covered there with his own skin, and if you prick him he will bleed.
Strana 323 - ... whose home, by reason of neglect, cruelty or depravity on the part of its parents, guardian or other person in whose care it may be, is an unfit place for such child...
Strana 346 - WHO will say the world is dying? Who will say our prime is past ? Sparks from Heaven, within us lying, Flash, and will flash till the last. Fools ! who fancy Christ mistaken ; Man a tool to buy and sell; Earth a failure, God-forsaken, Anteroom of Hell. Still the race of Hero-spirits Pass the lamp from hand to hand ; Age from age the Words inherits— " Wife, and Child, and Fatherland.
Strana 325 - ... boarded out in some suitable family home, in case provision is made by voluntary contribution or otherwise for the payment of the board of such child, until...
Strana 347 - Still the youthful hunter gathers Fiery joy from wold and wood ; He will dare as dared his fathers Give him cause as good. While a slave bewails his fetters ; While an orphan pleads in vain : While an infant lisps his letters, Heir of all the...

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