Heroes, Lovers, and Others: The Story of Latinos in Hollywood

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Oxford University Press, 2008 - Počet stran: 256
Heroes, Lovers, and Others tells the fascinating history of Latino actors in American film from the silent era to today. Rodriguez examines such Latino legends as Desi Arnaz, Dolores del Rio, Rita Hayworth, Raquel Welch, Anthony Quinn, Selma Hayek, and Antonio Banderas. More than just a collection of celebrity stories, the book explores the attitudes, cultural conditions, and assumptions that influenced the portrayal of Latinos in film as well as their reception by the public. Heroes, Lovers, and Others is a comprehensive volume packed with carefully researched information and analysis for both students and cinema enthusiasts alike.

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Heroes, lovers, and others: the story of Latinos in Hollywood

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The history of Latinas and Latinos in American film represents a broad reflection of cinematic and sociological trends, and Rodriguez (sociology, Fordham Univ.) offers a succinct and perceptive ... Přečíst celou recenzi


2 The Silent and Early Talkies Era
3 The Good Neighbor Era
4 The Cold War Era
5 The Era of Contestation
6 The Postmodern Era
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Clara E. Rodríguez is Professor of Sociology at Fordham University. She has recently updated the classic Coser, Kadushin and Powell text, Books: The Culture and Commerce of Publishing, published by Stanford University Press. She has also been a consultant to a number of television shows and
documentaries, most recently, "Dora, the Explorer" and "Sesame Street."

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