Games for the Playground, Home, School and Gymnasium

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Macmillan Company, 1909 - Počet stran: 463

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Strana 208 - The Grand Old Duke of York, He had ten thousand men. He marched them up to the top of the hill And he marched them down again. And when they were up, they were up. And when they were down, they were down, And when they were only half-way up They w:ere neither up nor down.
Strana 273 - Here we go round the mulberry bush, The mulberry bush, the mulberry bush, Here we go round the mulberry bush, On a cold and frosty morning.
Strana 161 - Then three times round went our gallant ship, And three times round went she ; For the want of a life-boat they all went down, And she sank to the bottom of the sea.
Strana 275 - Here we come gathering nuts in May, Nuts in May, nuts in May; Here we come gathering nuts in May, On a cold and frosty morning.
Strana 104 - Some small object about 6 or 8 inches high is placed upright on the floor to represent a candlestick. The players run in single file and jump with both feet at once over the candlestick, while all of them say the following rime : "Jack be nimble, Jack be quick, Jack jump over the candlestick.
Strana 48 - All but one of the players stand in a circle with hands firmly clasped. The odd player stands in the center and is the "bull." The " bull " tries to break through the ring by parting the hands of any of the players. If he breaks through, the two players whose hands he parted immediately give chase to him, and the one catching him becomes the "bull.
Strana 70 - As soon as a player in the circle discovers that the handkerchief has been dropped behind him, he must pick it up and...
Strana 94 - The goal should be 10 or more feet from the starting line and may consist of a wall or a line drawn on the ground. At a signal, the first player in each line hops on one foot to the goal and...
Strana 14 - The use of games for both children nnd adults has a deep significance for the individual and the community through the conservation of physical, mental and moral vitality." "In ethnology the study of the origin and distribution of games 'furnishes,' says Mr. Culin, 'the most perfect existing evidence of the underlying foundation of mythic concepts upon which so much of the fabric of our culture is built.
Strana 26 - fall in' for a march in single file. They march up the center of the room or ground ; the first player turns to the right and the next to the left, and so on alternately, taking stations at the sides of the ground ; they are thus separated into two opposing groups, those which turn to the right forming one group or team, and those to the left another. " This method is even quicker if players march in columns of twos or fours, alternate ranks turning to alternate sides.

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