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Shows and diverfions lie properly within the province of the Spectator, N. 235.

Simonides, his fatire on women, N. 209. Sly, the haberdasher, his advertisement to young tradefmen in their last year of apprenticeship, N. 187. Socrates, his notion of pleasure and pain, N. 183. The effect of his temperance, 195. His inftructions to his pupil Alcibiades in relation to prayer, 207. A catechetical method of arguing introduced firft by him, 239. Inftructed in eloquence by a woman, 247. Sorites, what fort of figure, N. 239. Spectator, his artifice to engage his different readers, N. 179. The character given of him in his own prefence at a coffee-houfe near Aldgate, 218. Speech, the feveral organs of it, N. 231. Spy, the mifchief of one in a family, N. 202. State (future) the refreshments a virtuous person enjoys in profpect and contemplation of it, N. 186. Stores of Providence, what, N. 248. Strife, the fpirit of it, N. 197. Sun, the firit eye of confequence, N. 250. Superiority reduced to the notion of quality, N. 219. To be founded only on merit and virtue, 202. Superftition, an error arifing from a mistaken devotion, N. 201. Superftition hath fomething in it deftructive to religion, 213.



Alents ought to be valued according as they are applied, N. 172. Tafte (corrupt) of the age, to what attributed, N. 208. Temperance the best prefervative of health, N. 195. what kind of temperance the best, ibid.

Temple (Sir William) his rule for drinking, N. 195. Ten, called by the Platonic writers the complete num

ber, N. 221.

Thinking aloud, what, N. 211.

Trade, trading and landed intereft ever jarring, N. 174. Tradition of the Jews concerning Mofes, N. 237. Tranfmigration, what, N. 211.

Trunk-maker, a great man in the upper-gallery in the play-house, N. 235.




Irtue, the most reasonable and genuine fource of

great ornaments of it, ibid. To be efteemed in a foe,



Hiftling-match defcribed, N. 179.

Wife, how much preferable to a mistress, N. 199.
Wife men and fools, the difference between them,

N. 225.

Wit: the many artifices and modes of falfe wit, N. 220.
Women deluding women, their practices expofed, N.
182. Women great orators, 247.

Yawning, a Christmas gambol, N. 179.

The End of the Third Volume.


By Her Majesty's Company of Comedians, at the Theatre
Royal in Drury-Lane, this present Tuesday, December 18, 1711,
will be prefented a Comedy, called "The Tender Husband, or
"The Accomplished Fools;" for the entertainment of the new
toafts, and feveral ladies of quality. The part of Biddy, by Mrs.
Oldfield; Sir H. Gubbin, Mr. Bullock; Mr. Tipkin, Mr. Norris
Mr. Clerimont, Mr. Mills; Captain Clerimont, Mr. Wilks; H.
Gubbin, Mr. Pinkethman; Mr. Pounce, Mr. Pack; Mrs. Cleri-
mont, Mrs. Bradshaw; the Aunt, Mrs. Powell. The Farce,
"The Country Wake." Hob, Mr. Dogget; Sir T. Testy, Mr.
Bullock; Friendly, Mr. Pack; and Flora, Mr. Santlow. SPECT.
in folio, N° 251.

ttt Whereas it has been maliciously reported, that Mr. B. Fer-
rers, Face-Painter, who is deaf and dumb, hath left off Painting,
this is to inform the public, that he doth ftill continue his profeffion,
in Duke-Street, York-Buildings, and that the faid report is vil.
lanous and falfe. Ibidem.


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