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Violent action) ought to be excluded. from the flage ii.


Virgil) cenfured for want of connection i. 28. his verse extremely melodious ii. 101. his versification criticised ii. 115. cenfured ii. 176. 340, 341. 348. 354. 384.

Virgil travestie) characterited i. 367.

Virtue) the pleafures of virtue never decay i. 418.
Vifion) the largest and smallest angle of vision i. 173, 174.
Voltaire) cenfured ii. 333. 383. 389.

Voluntary figns of paffion i. 428.

Voluptuoufnefs tends to vitiate our taste ii. 500.
Vowels ii. 6, &c.

Walk) in a garden, whether it ought to be ftraight or waving ii. 445. Artificial walk elevated above the plain ii. 416.

Wall) that is not perpendicular occafions an uneafy feeling i. 179:

Waterfall i. 178. 253.

Water-god) flatue of, pouring out water ii. 485.

Way of the world) cenfured ii. 409. the unities of place and time ftrialy obferved in it ii. 429.

Will) how far our train of perceptions can be regulated by it
i. 19. 306. 311. determined by defire i. 181.
Windows) their proportion ii. 456, double row ii. 471.
Winter-garden ii. 448.

With) diftinguished from defire i. 42, 43.

Wit) defined i. 22. 381. feldom united with judgment i. 22. but generally with memory i. 22. not concordant with grandeur i. 303. Wit, ch. 13. Wit in founds i. 399.

Wit in architecture ii. 482.

Wonder) inftantaneous i. 119. decays fuddenly i. 122. Wonders and prodigies find ready credit with the vulgar i. 163, 164. Wonder defined i. 258. ftudied in Chinese gardens

ii. 452.

Words) rules for coining words i. 49. note. Play of words i. 514, 515, &c. Jingle of words i. 516. Words confidered with refpect to their found ii. 9. Words of different languages compared ii. 11. What are their best arrange. ment in a period ii. 16. A conjunction or disjunction in the members of the thought ought to be imitated in the expreffion . 25. 34. 35. Words expreffing things con


62, &c.

nected ought to be placed as near together as poffible ii. In what part of a fentence doth a word make the greatest figure ii. 71. Words acquire a beauty from their meaning ii. 85. 301. Some words make an impreffion refembling that of their meaning ii. 87. The words ought to accord with the fentiment i. 451. 496. 499. ii. 24. 342. A word is often redoubled to add force to the expreflion i. 500, ii. 354. See Language.

Writing) a fubject intended for amufement may be highly ornamented i. 338. A grand fubject appears beft in a plain drefs i. 339.

Youth) requires more variety of amufement than old

age i.

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Printed for Bell & Bradfute, and W. Creech, Edinburgh; G. Robinfon and T. Cadell, London.


HE Dictionary of Decifions of the Court of Sef

*T fion, from its first institution to the present time,

2 vols folio.

2. Decifions of the Court of Seffion from 1716 to 1730, folio, 10s. bound.

3. Remarkable Decifions from 1730 to 1752, folio, 14 s.


4. Select Decifions from 1752 to 1768, folio, 18 s. bound. 5. Hiftorical Law-Tracts, 8vo, with additions, third edi tion, 6 s. bound.

6. Elucidations respecting the Common and Statute Law of Scotland, 8vo, 6 s. bound.

7. The Statute-Law of Scotland abridged, 2d edition, 8vo, 6s. bound.

8. Effays on British Antiquities, 12mo, 2d edition, 2 s. 6d. bound.

9. Sketches of the History of Man, 4 vols 8vo, 2d edition, 24 s. bound.

10. An Introduction to the Art of Thinking, 12mo, 3d edition, 3 s. bound.

11. Gentleman Farmer, being an attempt to improve Agriculture, by fubjecting it to the test of rational principles, the third edition, with confiderable additions, 8vo, 7 s.

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12. Principles of Equity, 2 vols 8vo, 3d edition, 12 s. bound.

13. Effays on the Principles of Morality and Natural Religion, corrected and improved in a third edition. Several Effays added concerning the proof of a Deity, 5 s. bound.

14. Loose Hints upon Education, chiefly concerning the Culture of the Heart, 8vo, 2d edition, corrected and enlarged, 6 s. bound.

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