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MEDICAL LIBRARY, 122 W. Fayette St.

BALTIMORE, MD., May 3, 1884.

The Medical and Chirurgical Faculty met at 12 M. this day to commemorate the death of Dr. J. Robert Ward. The President, Dr. Thomas S. Latimer, in the chair.

On motion, a Committee of three was appointed to draft suitable resolutions and present them at this meeting. The Chair appointed Drs. W. Fred. A. Kemp, C. H. Jones and Jno. Morris, who, after a brief interval, presented the following Resolutions, which were unanimously adopted after eulogistic remarks were made by Drs. W. Fred. A. Kemp, Richard McSherry, James Carey Thomas, Wm. Lee and Richard Henry Thomas.

The Faculty adjourned.


The Medical and Chirurgical Faculty has heard with deep regret the death of Dr. 7. Robert Ward, an esteemed and honored member.

They would record their appreciation of his personal virtues, and of the work done by him in his professional life.

They would cherish his memory as that of an untiring, devoted physician, a good man and a faithful friend.

They desire further to express their sympathy with the family of Dr. Ward, to whom a copy of this minute is directed to be sent.

WM. F. A. KEMP, M.D.,


May 3, 1884.


Recording Secretary.



BALTIMORE, MD., September 5, 1884.

The meeting was called to order by Dr. I. E. Atkinson, Vice President, who made suitable opening remarks regarding the loss of the Faculty and the profession in the death of DR. RIGGIN BUCKLER.

Dr. Thos. F. Murdoch moved that a committee of (5) five be appointed to draft resolutions. The President appointed Drs. T. F. Murdoch, J. H. Patterson, F. Donaldson, John Monmonier and Wm. Lee.

The Committee reported the following resolutions which were adopted :

WHEREAS, the Medical and Chirurgical Faculty of Maryland has heard with profound regret of the death, on August 31, 1884, of their late colleague, Dr. Riggin Buckler; therefore,

Resolved, That in the death of Dr. Bucklér the medical profession has lost an upright gentleman and a learned practitioner, and his many friends and patients a man well worthy of the love and trust so universally given to him by them.

Resolved, That we desire to have placed upon record the high appreciation in which Dr. Buckler's qualities, both in his professional and private capacity, are held by this Faculty.

Resolved, that the Secretary be instructed to enter these resolutions among the transactions of this Society, and to send a copy to our late colleague's family.


Remarks most suitable were made by Drs. F. Donald-
son, J. H. Patterson, John Morris, E. G. Waters, Wm.
Lee and I. E. Atkinson.
There being no further business the Society adjourned.


Assistant Secretary.


HALL OF THE FACULTY, 122 W. Fayette St.

BALTIMORE, MD., March 31, 1885. The President, Dr. Thomas S. Latimer, called the Faculty to order and stated the business to be considered, namely: the consideration of charges against certain members, and the expediency of postponing the regular annual meeting

Upon being called by the President to answer whether or not charges had been placed in his hands, Dr. G. Lane Taneyhill, the Recording Secretary, responded affirmatively, and placed the charges and proofs upon the desk of the President, simultaneously moving that they be referred, as per constitutional instruction, to the Ethics Committee. The motion being seconded, the President

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ruled that the charges must be read in open convention before they could be properly referred to the Ethics Committee. From this decision Dr. J. E. Michael appealed, which appeal having been seconded, a long debate ensued regarding precedents, necessity of "reading out”' the names at this meeting, and what actually constituted "charges," as contemplated by the constitution.

Upon vote the decision of the Chair was sustained, and the President ordered the charges and names of members charged to be read by the Secretary ; they were as follows, namely: Charges of conduct unworthy of a member of the Faculty against James A. Steuart, M.D., and of charges of unprofessional conduct against J. D. Fiske, M.D., Samuel W. Seldner, M.D., Isaac N. Dickson, M. D., and W. H. H. Campbell, M.D.

On motion, the charges in each case were referred to the Ethics Committee.

Regarding the desire to postpone the business of the annual meeting, the following resolution was offered by Dr. John Morris :

Resolved, That it is the wish of this meeting that when the Faculty meets in annual session on April 28, it shall adjourn without the transaction of business from that day until Tuesday May 12, so that the members attending the American Medical Association may have an opportunity to participate in the deliberations.

The resolution was seconded, and the following amendment, offered by Dr. Joseph T. Smith, was accepted by the mover of the resolution, viz: that in the notices of the meeting the country members be informed of the anticipated postponement.

After considerable debate and explanations of the effect of such procedure, a motion to table the resolution was rejected, and the resolution as amended was passed. Dr. E. F. Cordell gave notice in writing that at a future meeting he would offer an amendment to Article IX of the constitution, title “Meetings,” amend to read as follows:

The annual meetings of the Faculty shall be held in the city of Baltimore on the fourth Tuesday in April, or at such other date as the Executive Committee, with the concurrence of the President, shall appoint. A semi-annual meeting may be held at such time and place as the Executive Committee may designate.

There being no further business, the Faculty, on motion, adjourned.


Recording Secretary.

HALL OF THE FACULTY, 122 W. Fayette St.

BALTIMORE, MD., April 23, 1885. The Medical and Chirurgical Faculty of Maryland, in special session, was called to order by the President, Dr. Thos. S. Latimer, who stated that the business before the meeting was to receive and act upon the report of the Committee on Ethics.

The minutes of the last meeting, March 31st, 1885, were read by the Recording Secretary, and adopted.

Dr. P. C. Williams, chairman of the Committee on Ethics, on call of the President, read the report, in which said committee conclude that the charges presented March 31st, 1885, against Drs. Jas. A. Steuart, S. W. Seldner, J. D. Fiske, I. N. Dickson and Wm. H. H. Campbell were sustained.

A motion of Dr. R. H. Goldsmith to acquit Dr. Jas. A. Steuart of the charges as reported by the Committee on Ethics, was ruled out of order by the President, and a motion, by Dr. Jno. Morris, that the Faculty approve the conclusions of the Committee so far as they

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