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"The Medical and Chirurgical Faculty of the State of Maryland, while formally accepting and publishing the reports of the various Sections, and Voluntary Papers read at this session, does not hold itself Responsible for the opinions, theories or criticisms therein contained.

Contributors to future volumes of Transactions are requested to observe the following rules :

1. Write on one side of the paper only.

2. Write without breaks, i. e. do not begin a new sentence on a new line. When you want to begin a new line or paragraph at a given word, place before it in your MS. the sign f.

3. Draw a line along the margin of such paragraphs as should be printed in smaller type; for instance, all that is clinical history in reports of cases, etc.

4. Words to be printed in italics should be underscored once; in EMALL CAPITALS twice; in LARGE CAPITALS three times.

5. Changes in the copy are equivalent to resetting, and cause additional expense. Alterations, therefore, in the MS. should be limited to what is of essential importance.

6. Proofs sent for revision should be returned without delay.


Applications for membership in the Medical and Chirurgical Faculty, should be addressed to the Corresponding Secretary, Treasurer or Chairman of the Examining Board, and should state name in full, p.stoffice address, where graduated in medicine, date of graduation, and by whom reconımended. They must be accompanied by the initiation fee of ten dollars. No membership dues are required for the first year.

Attention is called to the following resolutine adopted at the annual meeting in 1877:

Resolved, That the Publication Committee be instructed to publish no paper that has been previously read before a local medical society, or published in any medical journal prior to the publication in the Transactions of the Faculty

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